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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by ChrisC, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. On Dan Blanton's board, there's a great thread with pictures of fly tying room setups. Steve Cali has one that probably everyone wishes for. Lefty Kreh posted his setup as well.
    (Thanks to Chris Scoones for the clarification)
  2. Did some searching for it..all I can say is wow. Someday I keep telling myself..someday.
  3. I put slatwall up in my tying room and highly recommend it. Most materials can come straight home from the shop and onto the wall. Pegboard works great, too, but the slatwall looks better. Another tip - get a drafting mat for your desk. It is a pleasant light green or gray that contrasts well with flies, it's free of glare, and the rubber material is easy on tools or quiet to tap a stacker against.
  4. Drafting mat used to to be very expensive - it was sold by the foot at drafting supply stores back before computer drafting.

    I use one of the plastic cutting mats sold at fabric/craft stores that is made for the rolling fabric cutters. It's not as nice as drafting mat but it works great and you can get them on sale pertty cheap.
  5. Just wanted to clarify that I'm not that anal on the rules of posting links. The rule is to protect the board against spam or otherwise related business / site marketing. So if you wanted to post that link in reference to your discussion, by all means...
  6. I'll likely be installing some peg board under the top cabinets. I'd prefer the slot board but there are just so many easily accessible peg board options at Ace and other HW stores I think it's made my choice. So far I'm just screwing in some hangers under there, which isn't a big deal consider my entire shop is walled with 1/2" ply (purchased before prices went sky high).

    Probably my favorite items are those 20 compartment boxes I used for everything from hooks to eyes to dubbing. The old fly boxes now stack my thread, ribs and other spooled material. Bunny, marabou and other material in bulk are in freezer bags in the bottom drawers along with all sorts of hackle.
  7. Hey Chris,
    Where can we find these 20 compartment boxes?
  8. Most shops I've been to have them. Don't have a manufacturer name on them, but if you call ahead looking for them describe as the 20 comparment ribbed hook box with the three clasps per side. Haven't had any issues with the smaller hooks spilling over into other compartments but went ahead anyway with taping down some magnet strips to hold them down. Not sure on price, got a deal on them.
  9. Damn Chris. Didn't know you were into tying that much. You seem so reserved with your posts. Figured you were an innocent bystander :D I like how you have most of your materials labeled accordingly.
  10. Nothing to tout above and beyond Chris but having a lot of fun at the bench. Just recently unpacked everything again and had to do a lot of retooling and material gap filling. Still doing so.

    I am, though, coming along with my bunny brushes. Pretty happy with them.
  11. What's Slatboard? I think I know what it is-I was in Kaughman's Bellvue the other it what they have?

    Where can you buy it? Price?

    I'm pretty well set up right now, but I'm transferring next summer. New house, new fly tying room. It'd be a good time for upgrades.
  12. Yep, that's what I thought it was. I think I'll be doing that at my next house. And it's not as expensive as I thought it would be.

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