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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Update: 8-14-07

    Still taking orders. Cash Money or Trade. If you've got extra gear I bet we can work something out. Or part cash part trade etc...

    See lasts post for latest pictures.

    Over the years I've made some fly wallets for friends for fun and I keep getting people asking for this or that. In the following posts you'll find samples of the work I've done for members of this site.

    Cost of materials plus a little for time and talent. Most are like 7"x4" (when closed) But it's totally custom so I can do whatever you want.

    Materials and Construction: Full grain (not split) cowhide and bull hide. A variety of finishes and colors. High Quality Shearling. Hand punched, hand laced, bonded with Tandy Leather Weld. Horn buttons hand cut, sanded, and polished in my shop.

    Artwork: I’ve been playing with a burning tool for years and it keeps getting funner and I think better. You be the judge.

    Pricing: Anywhere from $65-$160 depending upon size and details of desired image. Each wallet takes between 3.5-6 hours to create froms scratch and cost of Materials is $25 on average.


  2. You are the Shizzle for real!!! I'll be expecting one to come my way! If you guys don't have one of these they are classic's. The leather is top quality and the construction is second to none. THink of personalized Filson and you got a Rowdy wallet..
  3. Long tiime no see,Hows it going up north?. I'll get one of those, To support the habit.
  4. The canucks would be all over that native fish pattern!!!

    Being one.... email when you return... great work...iagree
  5. MK thanks for the order! I'll get right to work and post a pic of the design when I'm done!


  6. Design for Whofish

    ok MK Here is your design. I hope you like it! Let me know!!!!

  7. Whofish's Wallet!

    Whofish, just finished it. Dropped everything and knocked it out. I hope you like it. Throwing in a few extra flies to show my appreciation. Hopefully your fishing buddies will want one too!

  8. So when you become famous, my "old" wallet will have great collector value because it was one of your earlier ones...right? :thumb:
  9. What do you mean When!? haha Of course Dad it's already a collector!!!

    Hope all is well with the dog and your lovely wife. Give them both my warmest regards.


  10. HOLY CRAP MAC!!! I will send the funds immediately for the second one...

    Hey guys... this is not a porcelain box for flies.. It is a custom work of art that is a lot more comfortable in the vest pocket...

    support the man... Artists are a rare breed..

    I am honored... Very nice work..
  11. Very nice work. Can you make them with the WFF logo or is that copyright protected?
  12. Kudo's Mac.

  13. Can you make me one with a carp on it?
  14. Nice work! I may have missed it, but how much are these things going for??
  15. Chad check your inbox.

  16. Hey Mac NICE WORK sent you a pm. Kevin
  17. Native Salmon for Whofish and Brown Trout for Super-FLY

    Here you go Whofish here's round two. Hope you like it.

    Super-FLY, let me know if this is satisfactory.

    nrthcsteel yours is next!

  18. ROWDY ROWDY..Count me in for a couple too..
  19. I'm thinking of one for myself and another for a friend. Thinking of a couple of designs, so I'll PM ya!

  20. Ok Final Products for the fellas. Super-FLY here you go bro! Nrthcsteel just finished yours I hope it is to your liking. If not please let me know. Whofish yours are ready to ship.

    Thanks and tell your friends!

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