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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Mac,
    I could not ask for better work...
    Looking forward to bring and brag at the club..hah!!!.. Excellent...

    Echeck(s) will clear shortly... They took the funds from my account the day of the orders..
  2. DUDE! Beyond happy Mac. That thing is sweet!!!! Now if that doesnt get me motivated on a slow day of fishing(which most of them are) I may as well hang it up. Thanks Mac you went above and beyond with this one. Amazing work! Kevin
  3. Mac-
    I am very pleased. Thanks very much for making that for me. I will show it off proudly to anyone who'll look. You are an artist. The brown trout is exactly how I picture one...right before he slams my streamer and I rip his lips off. Nice work. Jeff
  4. dude, can you make me a wallet for flies and one as a regular wallet for carrying around in my back pocket?
  5. Who Fish

    Here they are ready to ship. And I'm throwing in a some extra flies and 50 Mustad hooks!

  6. Super-FLY


    Here you go bro. This should get you on your way to slamming some big brownies!!!!

    I'm throwing in 25 streamer hooks for your tying pleasure!


  7. I'm telling you guys, Mac does a fine job, is a craftsman, has a good turn around time, and is the MAN! You want to make sure you get a piece of fishing equipment that you'll have forever, looks, awesome, and you can pass on to the next flyfisherman in your family. He can do custom work. Thanks Mac. You rock! Jeff
  8. Thank you for the Props Jeff! Just wait till you get the wallet early next week! I really think you're going to love it!

    Stew here is your MacLeod Family Crest Burn! Tell me how you like it!

    Brendan your Carp is up next!!!

  9. Mac ... incredible. That is all I can say ... PM coming your way.

    Stew .. aka Bigmac :)
  10. Alpine Trout's CARP!

    Here's the finished burn work for Alpine's Carp Wallet!!!! I hope you like it!!!!
  11. Rowdy, that is so ridiculously savage! Good luck to anyone who tries to beat the carp!
  12. Macs the man. These wallets are incredible and the one of a kindness cant be beat. Mac busted out my pic to perfection (see pics in past post, The steelhead about to slam the fly) The detail and quality is top notch inside and out. No waiting around either He makes em and there in your mailbox before you can tie half the flies needed to fill it up. Thanks Mac you da man. Take care and talk to you soon. Kevin
  13. Carp is done. Alpine I didn't get the photo of your flies posted. They are sick just wait till you see them.

    Macleod Crest is done. Stew here are your flies two dozen dries and a couple streamers for good measure.

    Will ship either today from Idaho or Tomorrow from Wyoming.

  14. Those buttons are all action.
  15. Mac you're amazing. I can hardly wait. I am tempted to order another :)

  16. Mac,
    Pm sent.

    P.S. Those are so incredible.
  17. Mac, here are the pics I would love on the two wallets. The brown is my most memorable brown ever. It came out of the water and smashed down on a chernobyl ant. The steelhead is James' first steel on the swung fly.
  18. Who Fish


    Just got the fly wallets!!! They are amazing... Absolutely outstanding work..

    and you tie great flies as well!! Thanks... When the river falls I will be out there for the last of them..

  19. FKNA Mac those are kick ass! The carp is a killer. PM me some info on these bad mofo's.:thumb:
  20. Mac, could you put something like this on a wallet?
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