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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Considering he did the MacLeod crest on mine I'd say he could do this :) - but I will let him answer that.

    Mac - wallet showed up today. Looks great and will be the envy of those I fish with!

  2. Yes Yes I could. I go on days of next wednesday night so I'll have a chance to look at it closer and we can put something together.

  3. MAC--

    No big rush or anything, but idea when that you might be starting on da wallet

    Like i rush
  4. I need a wallet!
  5. Zane here's the image.

    Wolfman here's your westslope.

  6. Mac You rock that is sick!!
  7. Mac,

    It was great talking to you last night. I'm so stoked to get my wallets. If you are ever in my neck of the woods you better give me a call. :beer2: :beer1:
  8. MAC, Good chatting with you. I think the wallet is going to be sweet!
  9. O Mykiss
  10. That's sweet MAC!! Can't wait to see mine soon!! I need a phat streamer wallet and of course I need to learn to fish streamers better... Yard! I need to sign up for Streamer 101 w/ ya! Pass lake here I come, plus I'm going to hit the Madison w/ streamer's next time I'm out there!
  11. Pass Lake and big streamers, it's the only way to go. Wait til you guys see my wallet. It puts all others to shame...Mac out did himself on this one.:rofl:
  12. Mac just shot off the denero for the cow hide. Look forward to seein' the goods.
  13. Just went and bought a brand new slab of bullhide. With the oil finish it is lookin saweeet!!!!

  14. The latest
  15. Back in my "Rowdy Days" we use to have a saying, "So Bitchin" Nice job Mac.:beer2:
  16. I'm in if these are still available. 2 of them with something resembling a steelhead would be awesome.

    PM me the cost and we'll go from there. But, yeah, one for a buddy and one for me would be awesome. Great work.

  17. Hey Mac, Got mine today, it is fabulous. Thanks, great looking bugs also. You do super work.
  18. Mac I got my wallet today. That is some kick ass work thank you and I will have to order another one soon. Thanks agian Mac.

  19. MAC, got mine over the weekend. Looks super and will hold a boat load of flies. Thanks a ton!
  20. Mac,
    Got mine today it looks bad ass thanks alot!

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