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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. REAL interested in one of these....sent you an email. My pm's don't account is "special".

  2. Here are the latest wallets.

    Mattzoid, FlyBill, Sloan Craven, Bill Hall and Josh Mills. The horn buttons will all be put on in a few days when I get home and they will all ship early next week.

  3. Im pumped.
  4. Awesome!! Can't wait! :thumb:
  5. lookin forward , great lookin thanks bill
  6. Mac. When do I get mine? When do I get mine? I want mine! I want mine! BTW how is that new hide working out?
  7. mine's tight like spandex....(on a fat person)...ha, mental imagry!!
  8. Sloan here it is brother. I'll ship it tomorrow morning.

  9. That is AWESOME!! Thanks, MAC! Representing the Irish in all of us!
  10. Sloan you are very welcome! We always gotta represent! I should do one for Clan Ross in honor of my MacTaggart blood line.

    Carl here's your image! Just about to sew on the buttons and cut the sheepskin.

  11. FlyBill and JMills here are your wallets. Will ship tomorrow morning.

  12. striper
  13. Mac, I f'ed up. Check will be mailed tomorrow. Get to them when you can.

    I've got a seat in one of my boats if you ever make it out this way. Salt, river, whatever.

  14. SWEET!! Looks great MAC!! Can't wait to see it in person! :thumb:
  15. beautiful!!
  16. I am a ranger in 2nd ranger battalion Ft lewis and was wondering if you could make one for me with the ranger scroll and ranger tab and put some of my buddies names who have been killed in Iraq. I`m not even sure that is possible but let me know. thanks
  17. MAC, got my wallet today. It looks even better in person.
  18. Didn't get home in time to pick it up, so gotta wait til tomorrow morning to get it from the office. Can't wait to see it in person!
  19. Got mine. Efin sweet. Thanks bro.
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