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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by MacRowdy, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Holy tits batman....(mac) that wallet is going to make my dad cry for father's day. But now the trick is overcoming the will to not give it to him before then

    Just got it today and, to quote the 80's, is radical
  2. I can't take it any longer... Gotta have one. PM sent.
  3. Mac,

    I just got my wallets and I have to say that they look better in person. I love the detail that you put into them. By far and away, the best piece of fishing artwork I have bought yet.
  4. Thank you John and Jason! I appreciate the opportunity to Create these works of art for you.

    Enjoy them and show them off!!!


  5. Mac, Here is a couple pics I took of one of the Wallets you made for me. The flies inside are ones I tied for James for his birthday.



  6. Mac, you have prices listed somewhere? I'm interested in a couple. Nice work dude!
  7. Here are the latest three.

    PT here is your Sauk River pig and Chris S. Here's your brown trout bro.

  8. Damn, nice work. Not sure if it'll sit on my tying bench or go out in the field with me. Might just take it with me a couple times to find out if it's "lucky".
  9. Well that's just outstanding. Can't wait to see it in person!
  10. Steelhead Fly Wallet for Omar.

  11. Nice I'm excited to see it in person. Is there writting on the left side? or I'm i seeing stuff. Thanks alot though mac
  12. yeah i see it to it says ashton idaho and on the bottom theres a date
  13. Mac -

    Wallet've got skills. It's beautiful.

  14. Thanks Chris! Glad you like it!


  15. Got mine today and it is perfect!! You did a really good job:thumb: Thanks for the flies as well they look great. I would recomend if you dont have one to get one they are better than anything i have seen.
  16. Cool man glad you like it. Had to throw in a few flies since you lost all your gear.


  17. I will make sure i dont lose this one because its not just the flies but also the wallet
  18. Mike,

    Here it is bro. Big fat giant spawning brown trout.

  19. Mac:
    I've looked at every wallet tonight that you've posted in the past and I have to say that i'm beyond impressed...
    Your creativity with is pretty amazing with the hot tip!
  20. Thanks M.A.C.,

    pt just gave me the wallet you made and it will be with me when I'm buried.
    You even put in the lateral line!.. Amazing.

    Oh ya! Thanks pt

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