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  1. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    I need a little help on this fly that I've been using. I don't know what it is called but I will discribe it. I would take a picture of it but everytime I try to send one it doesn't go anywhere. This is what it looks like. It has a gray body wrapped with gold tinsle,brown wings(sit straight up) brown hackle. It's tied on a size 14 dry fly hook. It's simular to a gold ribbed hares ear but tied in a dry. Looked thru a few sites but can't seem to know what it's called.

    Wasn't catching anything yesterday and tried to see what I had the matched what was comming off the lake(I carry many flies). And this is what was the killer fly.

  2. Wet or dry, it sounds like a gold ribbed hare's ear to me, Jim.
  3. Your bug sounds similar to a traditional march brown thorax dun to me Jim. You didn't mention the wing material, but if there are two wings they are probably mallard quill or hackle tips. If it has a single wing it is probably hair. Does it have a tail? It sounds like you found and capitalized on a callibaetis hatch.

  4. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    Well it has a brown tail probly brown hackle. I would say that the wings are brown duck. They stand straight up mixed in with the hackle. I was looking thru one of the web sites and found something close to it. But if you took the wings and hackle off you would have a gold ribbed hares ear or I think.

    I have a digital camera and I should take a picture of it and sent it to Chris and see if he will post it. I would but being that I'm computer dumb I can't.

  5. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    It's as close as I'll ever see the body on mine is gray.
    What made me use it was that what was coming off was a fly that looked like it. And as I have been accused of carrying about a 1000 flies I thought I could find something close. And I did.

    Thank you for finding that fly. Now I know what to look for when I'm buying flies. Can't tie them too many steps. Besides Outdoor Emporium has them for $.79 a fly.


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