Flyfish steelhead (DD) a sponser now?

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by BDD, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. I just noticed that Dennis Dickson's a new site sponser. I know folks have a love-hate relationship with him (either you really like him or really don't like him). I have never fished with him but I know he likes to mention his UW fisheries degree and has been a strong supporter of wild steelhead (and char too) release for a long time. I guess I'm kinda surprised that this topic hasn't been discussed yet or did I miss it?
  2. Thanks for noticing!

    Nobody had brought it up so far.

    The things you said about Dennis are pretty fair to say and they were incorporated into our decision. We talked at length about this, and here were our thoughts.

    WFF members have much of the same interests and concerns as Dickson Fly Fishing with regards to the states management of our natural resources. We thought it naturally was a good fit with so many quality people here, as there are many supporters of our wild fisheries here.

    It seems like a win/win situation as many of our friends, and also clients past and present frequent this board. There is a great learning attitude displayed on Chris' site that we like, and fully support.
  3. Good job Dennis, Mike and Jeremy!:thumb:
  4. For the record - I'm a big fan of the Dickson's. Have learned a wealth of info from their classes and guided trips. Glad to see them here.
  5. Great to see them here.

    I've noticed the love hate relationship. My experiences with Mike and Dennis have been great. I took a few schools from Mike and Dennis about 6 or so years ago. I really learned a bunch from them. The theories and logic they teach and use behind steelhead behavior etc were great.

    I have always tried to stick up for them when people trash talk them here on the board. Only thing that bums me is they are not into spey fishing to much.

  6. Mike is actually quite a good spey caster and fishes with a spey often in the winter time, matching the rod to the larger average fish. Heck I throw a spey now and then in the winter.
  7. Awesome stuff Jeremy.
  8. Sounds like good news to me. More sponsors = less crashes?


  9. Just curious, what is it that people dislike about him?

  10. iagree

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  12. I don't know the details and will refrain from adding to the fire. I read it here so you could do a search to find it if you wish.
  13. I'm not a hater or lover of DD... just an observer. Though I am surprised at the lopsided love fest. Where are all those who hated him in the past and not posting? I guess this site is maturing:confused:
    I've heard good and bad things from good sources... though I guess any sponser of this site deserves a second chance. Tight lines DD and company.:thumb:
  14. While Mr. DD is obviously a very good angler and talented teacher mark me down as a non-supporter.

    While I think I'll take the high road here and not stoop to contributing to a bashing fest I'm evaluating with I want to continue to participate in further discussions here.

    May the the New Year bring you all tight lines and pleasant days on the water.

  15. This discussion reminds me of one that I had with a guide here in Colorado. There is this young kid that catches lots of big fish and has started attracting quite a clientele. People sing his praises on the internet and in the fly shops. However, my guy tells me that he smokes and leaves his butts along the river. He also likes to have a few beers after fishing and has left his beer bottles in the parking lot. This just frustrates the h*** out of my guy. I'm not suggesting that Dennis or Jeremy have done similar things. I'm just trying to point out that any time you have groups of people competing for a limited resource there is bound to be some friction over something. For the record, I've fished with Dennis and enjoyed my time on the water with him. On two other occassions, he worked with me as I tried to set up a trip for my brother-in-law and myself with him. Dennis was very patient and when both trips fell through he was very gracious about it. I've noted Jeremy's connection to DD Flyfishing, but have also enjoyed his posts. He sounds like the kind of guy that you could PM and actually get a decent fishing report from. Good to have you here Jeremy.

  16. hmmmmm, I noticed that too. Very interesting, yet his last name isn't Dickerson (sp). What do you have to day for yourself Mr. Not So Su......
    Also you mention you took "looking at Dennis's record" into the mix when deciding to make him a sponser? What is going on here! Are you Dennis and Chris? :beathead:

  17. BDD,

    Don't you also have a fisheries degree from UW?
  18. iagree
  19. Where does Dan say that? I think you are confusing Dan with Jeremy.
  20. Edit: Good to see the growing sense of camaraderie in our community. Congrats to DD guides and WWF. Old stuff is water under the bridge and here's to new beginnings in 08!

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