Flyfish steelhead (DD) a sponser now?

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  1. Cool, I get get my 2 favorite ff sites in one now.

  2. How significant? Significant as say those against the Hazel(NUTS)?
  3. Is Dennis Dickson legally a fishing guide for salmon in WA?

    Not just a captain, but also has his WA guide license for salmon?
  4. As you can tell I have a vested interest in Dickson Flyfishing. All this Neah Bay stuff, up until yesterday was news to me.

    I contacted Dennis and we talked about his involvement in the Neah Bay/ Sol Duc campout, at length.

    I am probably not qualified to state his position on something that happened years ago, long before I ever came on the scene. In fact, I lived in California and was going to Humboldt State at this time.

    I do know from the conversation that his intent was not to break the law, and that sometimes dealings you work out with locals, end up not working out the way intended. Those trips are not offered anymore.
  5. I cannot actually tell you what license Dennis pays for because I have never asked him, but I have a guide commercial license for salmon.
  6. I've fished with Dennis and Mike for several years and have also heard many impressions both good and somewhat negative, but most of these were from folks who hadn't actually fished with him. Yes, his extreme confidence, shall we say, sometimes rubs people the wrong way and is often misinterpreted, but he is extremely knowledgeable of both fishing and biology and cares about doing both expertly. And, not just having lots of knowledge and experience on the subjects we all care about, he also has and shares his passion for these pursuits with his clients which leads to good teaching. He is outspoken about that which he feels strongly about and I respect that.

    Also, I fish spey in the winter as does Mike Dickson. Dennnis has no problem with it but does prefer the one-hander for reasons he hasn't shied from stating, which has seemingly offended some folks. We all have our reasons for liking to fish the way we fish.

    I will also take the alleged high road with regard to Smalmo but there's more to that fuzzy picture than meets the eyes of the readers.

    Regardless, sponsorship for the site is a great thing to do. Well done, Dennis et al.
  7. Yes, I also agree that is nice to see him as a sponsor. Both Dennis and Mike are great guys and guides, they have taught me quite a bit. Everything from being a good steward of the river (in many more aspects than the normal C&R debates), to fly fishing technique. Thanks to all the subscribers for the info over the years and have a happy 2008!:thumb:
  8. Mike took me out on the Stilly it was awesome. Coho, Steelhead, Chum and a searun cutt, in one day!!!!
  9. The first time I fished with Dennis was more than 20 years ago. It was the most enjoyable guided trip in over thirty years of flyfishing. Not because of the two steelhead hooked but because of the friendship built around steelhead flyfishing.
    Since that day on the northfork have been many more trips with Dennis and Mike. I consider Dennis to be a great supporter of washington flyfishing
  10. Ting a ling
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  12. Yep, they used to do the Fall potpouri (sp) trips on the NF Stilly. Cutties, Chums, Coho, and maybe steelhead. But you spent so much time targeting the chums, I'm not sure when you'd actually get to fish for the species that were actually open.... I had to force Dennis to let us move from a hole full of biting chums more than once.... "Guide rule number 1.... You don't leave fish to find fish!!" :rolleyes:
  13. And, of course, it is ILLEGAL to target salmon on the North Fork of the Stillaguamish
  14. You guys should be ashamed.

    The things you listed haven't happened for years. I bet you guys would like the opportunity to move forward in your lives from things you quit doing years ago. If that is the case, why then can't you apply that to the people around you?

    Dennis is a good guy. He deserves better than the treatment you are handing out.

    That law is very very very poorly written for a fly fishing only river and EVERYONE knows it. The catch method is identical. The only difference between someone who is targetting steelhead or salmon is their mindset because the fly pattern, fly size, fly color, and sink tip are all identical. That is one of the most charcoal colored "gray areas" I have ever seen legally. You guys should know how hard it is to pick a steelhead out of the faster water behind the chums in the NF Stilly in November where there are always more anglers than steelhead. The numbers are obviously stacked in the chums favor and it isn't like they ignore a streamer.
  15. I don't know diddly about what they do or do not do, or what they have done.

    However, an angler knows what he/she is targeting. Ambiguity in the regs is a BS copout. Err on the side of caution.

    Don't read into this more than I am writing. I have no idea if DD targets a closed species on the NF. I can't really say that I care.

    My point is twofold...

    1. Only DD guides can be sure 100% if they are/are not targeting closed species. If any of them choose to target a closed species (especially with clients who may not know any better) then they officially suck balls and are a disgrace.

    Guides must (IMO) adhere to a higher standard, like it or not. They're often regarded as "the example" of what is best, finest and most effective in angling. True or not it is a widely held perception.

    2. Guides are under more scrutiny than joe blow the angler. If you ride that line (say "incidentally" catching 20 chums, when angling for them is closed), you're going to get lip for it. If you don't like the way people respond you can (a) stop doing what they complain about or (b) ignore them. Defending yourself just makes you look guilty.

    And as I said before, I also welcome new sponsors.

    I'd even book for '08 on the GR campouts if they'd ever e-mail me back :)
  16. I will put in a call and get back to you via PM David.

    I spent two days on the NF Stilly this year specifically trying to pick steelhead out from behind the chums while I was prefishing some of my favorite riffles for upcoming trips. I caught so many chums I gave up the second day at lunch because they were everywhere. Also the first day I broke my rod so I didn't even fish 3 hours. I also steered my clients away from there (except one who insisted on the Stilly so we fished low) and took them a bit farther north to the other rivers specifically because of my prefishing experience and because they were booking steelhead trips.

    I posted pictures from my daily photo journal that I keep every trip I go out on. I don't mind taking heat for trying to fish a day or two ahead of my clients in an attempt to find them the best experience I could. I was out there a bit early in the season trying to see if any steelhead had moved up the river system yet.

    That was me. Not Dennis.
  17. I agree that they should be able to move on. Was just adding a little background to some of the bad taste some have. Others just don't like the marketing (like 'secret guide flies' and all that).

    But to your point about targeting vs incidental - spare me. I was there with 2 co-workers. I was new to the stilly and salmon fishing in general. Figured Dennis knew what he was doing and didn't really look at the regs (always do now). Wondered why he didn't post many of our awesome 'hero shots' of monster chums on his web page like he said he would... We litteraly caught fish on each cast in the first pool of the morning. It varied from coho to chum, but mostly chum. We sat on them so long having a good ole time, but I got a little bored and asked to move on. He really didn't want us to leave so soon (45mis) because one of the guys hadn't caught\landed as many as the other 2 of us. He started out saying "this fly will catch all species" and later when the fishing slowed it was "this is a great chum fly" fish it this way for chum, or do this for the silvers. Never did we talk about steelhead flies and\or presentation.

    But I appreciate that you at least admit it happened in the past and I'm very happy they have moved on. Personally I think Dennis is an outstading fisherman who knows how to get people into fish. And I like that he isn't afraid to buck tradition and think outside the box to figure out the fish. And I think he's a good guy and a good guide.

    I also think the internet is a blessing and curse to some guides. More business opportunity - yet more accountability if you try to push those 'gray areas' a little too much...

  18. amazing how the river changes from week to week. When I floated it targeting cutties with my dad this fall, we barely saw any chums, a few silvers (one incidental hooked), but did catch lots and lots of the cutties we were targeting. I'm not sure we could have even caught a chum if we wanted - they just weren't there. But again the rivers change quickly...

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