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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by lotech joe, May 2, 2003.

  1. About 7 or 8 months ago, I subscribed to Fly Fisherman Magazine. I used my credit card, and it was charged. To this date, I haven't received as much as 1 copy. I emailed them last month, and received in return an email from "Tammy". She told me she would fix the problem and make it right. I'm still waiting..... Has anyone else had problems with that magazine? Am I alone, or have I fallen into another credit card trap? Is it even a good publication? I couldn't tell you, as I have never received a copy. What's Up? Anybody know?
    Lotech Joe:dunno
  2. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    I got the card that said you can get one free copy with no obligations. So I sent in the card and got my one free copy and now everytime I turn around I get a billing in the mail. At least I got one copy. I write not interested one the invoice but they keep sending me a bill. But since I don't pay it I don't get any more magazines.

  3. Considering that they had Ted Turner as the flyfisherman of the year a while back.....I am not suprised that you got ripped off. :reallymad

    I'd be calling someone on the phone and helping those folks fix their cranal-anal inversion.
  4. Earlier this year my girlfriend asked me what to get for her father who is a fly fisherman. I suggested a subscrition to this magazine, since he lives in New Zealand and the American mags down there cost about $10 a piece due to the exchange rate. We ordered it two months in advance since it was an overseas subscription, and after four months we ended up calling them and trying to figure out what was going on. He finally got the magazine six months later...

    I think what the problem is is that Fly Fisherman outsources, like most magazines, to a distribution house. The distribution house they use is the problem, not the magazine, but they should really do something about it. I bought a subscription to Fish and Fly at the Bellevue show some months back and still haven't seen an issue. Damn magazines, I had to go out and buy the latest edition.


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  5. I think that it was Fly Rod & Reel that had Ted Turner as their FF of the Year.


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  6. I had a the sam problem with Fly Rod and Reel, I had to write them a letter, which was not real frindly accusing them of false advertisement(the free issue deal) and they kept sending me a bill--and no issues. It left a bad taste so now I do not buy their zine.
    Oh well


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