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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has a guestimate at what the ratio of flyfisherman are also hunters. I have never hunted in my life, I just don't like intentionally killing animals(although I know i've killed my share of fish accidentally)

  2. I pack a long rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!

    Whether you intended it or not, I hear some anti-hunter sentiment in your post, and I'm bracing myself for an onslaught of hunter bashing. I don't want to list all of the reasons I believe that this is a perfectly respectable activity by law-abiding hunters, but please be aware that this and most other states very carefully craft regulations in a way that animal populations will never become subjected to dangerously low levels due to hunting pressure. The problem is encrochment on animal territory with our houses and factories.

    Holy cow, I've grown taller. Oh wait....I think I'm just standing on a soap box. My bad. :BIGSMILE
  3. I hunt.. just not alot lately..

    I agree with the first post... Nothing wrong with the Law abbiding hunter.. Just like people who fish and break all the laws, there are hunters that do it too.... but you can't judge us all because one jerky boy is a poacher..

  4. Does it matter?
  5. I used to hunt ducks and geese, and I'm not against it for many reasons. For me, and for fishing, it was not the hunting but the companionship. And buying all the gear, and researching, and learning how to call ducks and set decoys and train your dog...more fun than actually bagging them.

    I have "casted and blasted" on the Skagit before - the boat sure got full of stuff though - decoys, dogs, coolers, fishing gear, guns, blind...

  6. Sorry if you felt some anti-hunter sentiment in my first post. I have nothing wrong with hunters, in fact some of my best buds are hunters. I was just saying that nobody brought me into the sport of hunting and I haven't taken it up yet. Sorry about the confusion.

  7. Fly fishing is a sub-category within the term fishing whereas hunting encompasses many types within that activity. As both a hunter (bird, deer and elk), I employ shotgun, rifles, and bows. I'm also a devoted fly fisherman but have been know to use BAIT for steelhead and salmon. The point being that your question is not specific enough to reveal anything conclusive.
  8. I "cast and blast" (luv it) on the Skagit. I don't do much hunting from the boat anymore. Found a few spots along the river to hike into. Decoy bag over the shoulder and hump. Sure wish I had a huntin' dawg. Fetchin' my own kill gets interesting. Wadin' chest deep water tryin' to figure whar that beaver run is at. Fallin' in over my head. Crap, there it is.
  9. In response to SuperDave's post and using today's internet parlance.

    "WORD" (I'm pretty sure it means "on the money")

  10. Just my 2 cents worth.
    They ought to have a word or words describing sportsman (and women) who embrace ethics and enlightenment in thier outdoor pursuits to seperate us from the knuckleheads who bring negative attention the group as a whole.
    I refer to myself as a "sporting naturalist", but this would exclude those in it wholly for the pursuit, which is where the greater part of innovations for our varied sports come from.
    It might be interesting to see what this board could come up with, considering our diverse interests and backgrounds.

  11. I myself never hunted anything besides rabbit. The only reason I never got more into the sport was no one showed my how to clean the animal for the grill. Some freinds and I tried to find out if we could hunt and release using paint ball guns but were told you could only catch and release game using a camera. While still enjoyable its just not quite the same as making that long stalk and hoping you do everything right to hit the target. As for the sport of hunting if we did not have clubs such as Ducks Unlimited and the dollars from the self imposted tax on hunting gear our own fishing experince would suffer because of all the land including wet lands that have been saved due to hunters. Even though I do not hunt myself I have benifited from the sport of hunting. Ducks Unlimited alone has bought and set aside large areas of wet lands that we all benifit from even people who do not enjoy the outdoors. So to the hunters out there paying the taxes on their purchases for guns, ammo and duck calls etc and even more to those members of Ducks Dnlimited I say thank you. I will try to return in kind by respecting your sport and taking part in Trout Unlimited. :THUMBSUP :THUMBSUP :THUMBSUP :THUMBSUP
  12. I'm a hunter first and a fly fisher second. In fact, since Sept 1, I haven't gone fishing and until duck season is over, my rods will collect dust. I usually hunt four days a week- shot 4 quail this morning over my 8 month old puppy.
    As for giving back, for three years I served as an officer for the Western WA chapter of Pheasants Forever and involved myself in habitat projects such as putting in self-filling water tanks in Ephrata and surrounding areas. In the interior of the state, where I now live, there isn't an active chapter right now but I still pay my dues to PF, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, TU...
    As to which I love more....well.... hunting for me is far more rewarding- I think it's the dog work that I enjoy the most.
    Just a question.. Are you a vegitarian? If not, IMHO, you do intentionally kill animals and are no different from people like myself....Other than the animals I kill and eat didn't have to live in their own poo in some feed lot and were not loaded with antibiotics and pesticides.
  13. What-ever always means yes

    I bow hunt and fly fish both. Hunting large game you get a few very large rewards, with fly fishing you get a whole bunch of little rewards. I enjoy each sport as much as the other but I probably fish more times than I hunt in a year. Either way I'm out doors enjoying what "Mother" gives us. Brad
  14. Boy I bet you are sorry you asked that one. Unless you are trying to start trouble.
  15. I am both a hunter and a fisherman. In short, I am an outdoorsperson.
    As a kid, I knew very few fisherman who did not hunt and vice versa.
    You fished in the Spring and Summer, and you hunted in the Fall and Winter. There were no steelhead in Colorado so the seasons stayed pretty separate for each sport.
    I would love to catch and release birds but that's not the way it works. I have never loved killing anything and I don't now. But I am an animal who belongs to that class known as canivores, hunters, predators, etc. I think the scheme of things permits me to hunt and I do so within the law and within the ethical behavior of hunting.
    And I have never hunted or killed any species that seems the worst the wear for it. Ducks still flock. Quail still covey.
    But that's not it. You can never convince non-hunters of much of anything because they don't have hunting blood in their viens. They don't marvel at a dawn sky filled with ducks. They don't handle a new Browning Gold Hunter with love and affection, joy and pride.
    It takes all kinds. And I'm one of those kinds. :HAPPY
  16. SuperDave nailed this one. I love to hunt. I also fish bait for steelhead in the winter.
  17. I have hunted with rifle, pistol, and bow, I have also fished with just about anything, today I am a flyfisherman and I don't go hunting anymore but that is because I have a bad knee, and have a hard time in the mountains, but I still have my guns just incase I feel the need to go.

  18. When I'm not casting, I'm blasting. I hunt upland birds and ducks. Like CWU girl mentioned, the dog work is the fun aspect of it. A dog also helps reduce the waste. Nobody that hunts birds for long will recover 100% of their game, but with a good dog it gets you pretty close.
    If I can't eat it, I don't shoot it. If a merganser or some other not-so-tasty duck comes flying into the decoys I let them pass. Wasting is disrespecting nature.
    Darn bird hunting cuts into my October trout fishing. Some of the best fly fishing I've experienced in this state has been in October, but I rarely do it anymore. Spare time goes to following the mutt in pursuit of birds.
  19. Yeah, I am sorry that I asked this one. Oh well, I was just wondering if a lot of flyfishers were hunters. Many people took it negatively and some even question if I was a vegatarian. How did that come out, I asked a simple question, "If you are also a hunter", and people start to question what I think. I think I will stop asking of peoples opinions, because the only thing members do is criticize and question what I think.

    ~Ryan :HMMM
  20. I've fished practically all my life, have hunted a few times and I know lots of folks who hunt but it really doesn't interest me. I suppose I'd be more interested in it if there was a way to C&R them, since for me it's the hunt not the kill that I enjoy most. I get a great deal of satisfaction releasing a spirited fish following a rod-bending fight. Can't really do that with a deer, pheasant, bear, or whatever is in the crosshairs. Nothing against hunters, I just personally don't get a kick from hunting animals. I'd rather observe and photograph them in their natural environment. That's part of what makes flyfishing such a fantastic experience--up close and personal with nature.

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