Flyfishing game for the Wii

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by H2O, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if there is a flyfishing game out for the Wii? If not, has anyone tried the 'regular' fishing game?

    Santa got my kids a Wii for Christmas and I just can't fathom wasting energy on golf, bowling, tennis, etc. I could though play a fishing game with a beer in one hand and some sort of fake rod in the other.
  2. Tough to double haul with a beer in one hand though? Wii and fly fishing, why not. I have no idea if they have one, but it seems like they could.
  3. The SEGA Bass game is rad and depending on the settings it can be a challenge. Each lure has a different action you must impart in order to draw a strike. There are differing conditions that affect the depth of the lunkers and such. It isn't extremely complicated unlike real fishing but still a lot of fun and takes time to figure out the patterns.

    SEGA Bass has been around on various systems for about 15 years and the Wii version is the best because of the controller.

    Not fly fishing but it is the best fishing game out there by a long shit.
  4. I have the Rapela game. Not sure if it's the same one Jason is talking about. It's mildly entertaining... mildly. Get Tiger Woods '09 and forget about fishing for awhile!

    Or better yet, an Xbox 360 and a copy of Halo!
  5. There is only one SEGA Bass. SEGA practically invented the fishing video game.
  6. You have to get Rockband!!! Santa brought a wii for my kids too and rockband for me. It is simply addictive. You can drink beer in-between songs.:beer1:
  7. Mario Cart is pretty fun with beer too! Santa brought a Wii to our house too.
  8. would love to have a spey casting distance game!
  9. rockband for the wii sucks in regards that you cant download new songs though. if you want rockband then you want to get a real console like a 360 or a ps3
  10. fly sim should figure out a wii version
  11. Was that a little bit of nerd rage I sense there?
  12. Little bit of nerd rage, but in retort. You can download songs in the new version of rockband 2. The store opens this month.
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    This thead is joke right?

    Go Sox,
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  15. It's all kids, what did you expect.
  16. At your age doesn't everyone look like a kid?
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  18. Anything under 55 is a kid to me.
  19. OM, why don't you drink? :confused:
  20. yea it was a tiny bit of nerd rage but from experience

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