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  1. Watch out those Gieco cavemen are pretty sensitive ;)
    I read also that if it's motors prohibited you can't even have one hanging off the back of your boat, which is fine with me, but I was wondering what the reason is. The only thing I could come up with is they don't want the oil from the motors to drip into the lake. Is there anything else I'm missing?
  2. It probably has more to do with enforcement by taking the guesswork and potential argument about whether or not the motor was actually in use out of the equation.
  3. There is a proposal in the '07-'08 regulations that addresses this subject. It is proposal #18 and can be found here:
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    It passed, I'll be there with my handicap sticker and all and if anyone would wish to join me with my lectric motor I'd be more than willing to share with someone who has cold jabas.

  4. Your link didn't work for me.

    But on another note,when I first read this title I thought it was about fly fishing only lakes. I was going to give you a few but now I'm not because I would get short of killed ifen I did.

    I believe whoever started this should of asked about them stupid regs,not flyfishing only lakes.

  5. Yes I know it was dumb, so stop posting and it will go away:beathead:
  6. Don't waste your energy, Jim. A person can speed scan only the special rules column of the regs book until they see the words: "Fly Fishing Only." From there, look to the left to see the water's name and to figure out the county. Like how hard is that? The same works for selective gear lakes. If a person had 30 minutes, they probably could cover all the listings in state with the help of a high-lighter pen. I did that once.

    I'll bet, too, that a person could do a keyword search on the WDFW's downloadable PDF doc of the regs. Like, how hard could that be?
  7. I don't lose any sleep over them regs. I could always understand them. I just can't see how anybody could not. All you have to do is read them,not scan over them, read them. But I will not say anymore on these regs as I don't fish there anymore and I probably won't be back to fish.

  8. Once saw a guy get a ticket on Browns Lake (Pend Oreille County) for fishing in a float tube with a little electric motor stuck between his legs. No electric motors or any motors on Browns Lake. He knew he'd been had but thought he could get by with it since he was only using a float tube.
  9. OK look, like I said the regs are shit, they leave out a lot of stuff, now tell me in the regs it say's that the north fork of the stillaguamish river is from the mouth to the swede heaven bridge, ok understand that and the rules it states, but what about the rest of the river(north fork), it goes past there and does not state if it is closed the rest of the way or what, so I would assume that it is general rules, so with that I agree with a thread put in earlier that there needs to be signs:confused:
  10. Daryle do you have to hang the little blue handicap thing from the tiller of your motor?

    That would be well worth a beer if I was fishing and saw that. It would crack me up big time.
  11. It's really simple. The special rules are exceptions to the general rules. If there are special rules for a specific section of a river, then general rules apply to the rest. It's a basic hierarchy system:

    General Rules
    --> Special Rules​
    --> Emergency Rules​

    Signs on every body of water are not practical for a number of reasons. For one, the regulations often change from year to year, or sometimes during the year when emergency rule changes take place. Replacing signs whenever rules change is not economically feasible. Also, where would these signs be located? Every access point? At regulations boundaries on the water? On the roads paralleling the rivers?
  12. Hey that would be a hoot;)

    Actually saw one on a guys Harley one time:)
  13. Thank you for clarifying that I didn't want to assume and will remember that :beer2:
  14. Once I was moving around in the Merritt, BC area. Going from lake to lake and I went by a lake, right next to the road and an older fella, older than me anyway, was taking out so I stopped and we talked a little. Only one other guy on the lake.

    He said he caught two. One was 6 and the other he figured was 8. I said "pounds"? He said "yeah". Well I had my 9.9 merc on my little aluminum as I was coming from a lake where it was clearly just fine.

    This was a place "fly only" and it was no motors allowed. I asked him what would the locals think if I just kicked it up, put in and rowed around. He said "go for it".

    I put in, rowed out and anchored up and started working some chironomids. I caught two fish and dang if they weren't in the range he said he caught. But I tell you what, I was the most nervous fisherman (that did not show it) that ever existed.

    Next time I passed that lake I took the time to put my motor in the back of my Jeep and lock it away. I still feel bad about that kicked up motor gracing the presence of that lake.
  15. Now THAT would eliminate some of the fishing pressure! :rofl:

    I think we need a Red Green Moment here, fellas...

    (paraphrased as well as I can remember) "Guys, if this tells us anything, it's that we've got a mighty small gene pool around here. So remember, if you're girlfriend looks a whole lot like you, chances are you're buyin' a Father's Day present for the same guy."
  16. Anyone notice the "Catch and Release" sign posted at Lone Lake in Island County? Not sure who posted it, but it's a brown Recreational sign and appears to be posted by the County. Lone Lake allows 1 fish 18+".

    I phoned the county and pointed out the discrepency, but apparently the sing is not theirs. I phoned WDFW's Mill Creek Office and they agreed the song provided incorrect information.

    Another confusing point about Lone Lake. It's a Specialty Rules lake that allows water skiing from 10am to 4 pm or so. Great, so I fish the AM, take the kids tubing during the mid-day, and then fish a bit when I'm headed back to pull the boat out later that evening. I've done this coutless times over the past few years, thinking that it was legal because this "Specialty Rules" lake allowed motors. Maybe I'm wrong, and if so, it seems a little silly to me.
  17. Along these lines, my brother in law owns some lake front property on lake sixteen in Skagit county. It has a county ordinance banning gas motors and is clearly stated. I kindly remind all the folks who have all the motors attached to their transoms that they aren't allowed and those that answer with the f*cik you sign I'll kindly remind them that the county sheriff was writing tickets yesterday and I'm related to him. It's fun to see how fast these yahoos exit said waters. :D

  18. I read your post and then read the regs, then reread and reread etc... It looks like your in the wrong if your fishig from a boat with an internal combustion engine. It seems like they may want to keep the lakes free of fishermen so the tubers and skiers have somewhere to go. I don't know, but from what I can tell your not supposed to fish from any flotation device with an internal combustion engine. good luck
  19. With "no motors" on a "no motor" lake the temptation to use one is out of the equation.

  20. Personally, I think "fly fishing only" is a huge load of crap! What difference would it make if someone were fishing Pass with chironomids on a spinning rod? Really, you can fish nymphs and streamers pretty well on spinning gear, so I don't see what difference it makes regs-wise to require "25 feet of 'conventional' fly line". I know the whole thing was started by some fly fishing club in 1902, and the rule represents us "enlightened" fly fishermen's stupid tendency to only associate with our own kind and scoff at any other technique as the simple man's fishing.

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