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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rick Sharp, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. I use the Orvis sling pack, works great.
  2. Orvis guide sling pack...... Grrrrrreeaaat!
  3. Apparently the Piscatorial Purse has arrived! I look forward to the high heeled Ecotrax boots for extra deep wading. Some sequins on the lanyards would sure be nice....
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  4. I have been wearing my Orvis sling from the day the were introduced and have sold a ton of them at the store. It's perfect if you're a speyfisher, beachfisher or any other flyfisher who doesn't have to carry everything they own.

  5. I got mine from Leland at the Orvis store
  6. I'm glad someone said, "waterproof." That's the one objection to my Orvis pack. It has lost any waterproofing it had so I have to dry it out whenever it gets wet and anything inside gets wet, as well. Does anyone know of a product that can be sprayed on to do the job of waterproofing? Believe it or not, Amway used to have a product called Dry Fab that would have done it but they stopped making it, to my knowledge.
  7. I switch between the Orvis sling and a waist pack. Seems like I always end up deep enough to get the waist pack
    wet so prefer the sling for that reason. Haven't ruined a cell phone or camera yet as I try to remember to keep
    those in the front pocket of my waders. Maybe Ive's new high heeled boot idea has some merit after all!
  8. Mine is still drying from yesterday but then the insides are separated by ziploc bags.

  9. I have been using the patagonia sling pack for awhile now and absolutely love it. There is a waterproof pocket inside for phone, etc. There's only one thing I would change, and it's minor. I would put two zippers on the main compartment just like the front pocket, but that's just me being nitpicky!
  10. I don't know... kind'a reminds me of a man purse :)

    Hey, if a vest was good enough for Lee Wulff, they are certainly good enough for me :p
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  11. I think calling a sling a purse is like calling a kilt a skirt. Technically true but usually not considers gateway cross dressing.:D
    I am waiting for the bandoleer, I could get two and wear them in a crisscross pattern with a bandanna buff, a Seattle sombrero and a rain poncho. The border patrol agents I see in my area won't know what to think.:D
  12. Oh yeah cigars in the bandoleer..:D
  13. GAT if.this does not become a cartoon I'm gonna call you a slacker:p
  14. get the atom sling pack by patagonia have one and is the best thing since sliced bread!
  15. I would get the atom sling instead
  16. Patagonia is coming out with a waterproof sling for the fall based on the Atom. I've never been a fan of any of the existing waterproof slings, so stay tuned to see how it will measure up.
  17. Man i just got this one this spring. Damn oh well i like it so much i will have to get a new one and give this one to the wife.:)

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