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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rick Sharp, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Although I think the Patagonia slings are pretty cool I opted for the Orvis Guide sling pack and am glad I did. I'd rather have too much room than not enough! It's also very comfortable.
  2. I had a sling pack from REI that my wife got me and I loved it, until I left it sittin along side a dirt road. Last fall I was in San Fransico and found one cheap in China town, but it doesn't fit like the REI pack. I guess I'll have to break down and spring for a good one. I haven't worn a vest since I got one, they are so much easier.
  3. Anyone tried the Fishpond sling, I think it's called the Westwater? I think it's a tiny bit smaller than the Orvis and doesn't have as many fancy features but looks pretty weather resistant.
  4. I have the Fishpond Westwater Sling. For me it fits well, and it's easy to sling. Big enough to carry my fly-fishing essentials, small first aid kit, lunch, GPS and camera. It's a simple design so there isn't a lot of compartments/pockets. Under mild rainy conditions it kept my stuff dry.
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  5. Got the regular orvis sling today. Def way to small. Called and got the guide sling on exchange. Great customer service.

    Can't even fit a beer and sandwich in the regular.
  6. Ya know I tried the sling pack thing. Got a great deal on a simms headwaters pack and took it back. I can surely see the benefit's of them and why some people would like them but they just do not work for me. When I am tying a fly or doing some sort of work, I have my rod being held under my arm pit, and my works space is all in my upper chest so a nice vest is perfect for me.
  7. Lololololol.......
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  8. Have you tried a smith creek rod holder. Look them up. I have one and it works great and would work on anything even your vest and frees up ur hands.
  9. Cool I will definately look into it. I am so used to doing it the way I do it now though that its one of those things that may not be worth messing with. Kinda one of those dont fix it if it is not broken sorta things. However, thank you for the time in referring this product to me.
  10. Its just a rod holder that hooks on to what ever. But before this i would do the same thing you did i am betting most ppl do but im sure im not the only one who has had to make a fast move and dropped it in the water. So just letting you know i found it on ebay and i guess its a company from new zeland. So just tell me what you think when you check it out.

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