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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by jeff bandy, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Steve is on the list.
  2. Ummm... So that's 30 flies now? Methinks it's time to adjust the swap idea!
  3. You bring 9 of the same pattern, bagged in threes. 3x3. When we swap, you get 3 of each pattern back.
  4. For accurate instructions, please read Mr. Bandy's opening post.
  5. Phil and Chef, sorry, but I believe you are both wrong. If you review what Jeff has posted, ignoring all else, he has stated that for this gathering, all will tie up 9 flies (in advance) bagging them into three sets of three flies. That means three of the attendees will get your flies, three of each. Jeff stated something to the effect of nothing being worse than fishing a great fly and only having one of them (think hot fly putting you on fish after fish until pop, flie is gone). Not three flies per each attendee, only three for three = 9 (why not tie a 10th, or tenth if you perfer letters over numbers, for the fly swap host?). Bring materials to demonstrate how to tie your pattern, that way those guys that don't get one of your baggies can still see how it is done. Unconventional but cool, sort of like Jeff Bandy himself. Nine flies, ten guys, pizza pies, baked dessert pies and all our lies. Sounds pretty cool to be unconventional.
  7. mumbles: your eyes are getting bad. check my post again. :)
  8. Chef, next time I'll copy yours before you change it. You are right my eyes are bad. You still gonna blame it on my eyes?
  9. old age?
  10. We are all tying steelhead flies, right? The Hoh Down is a steelhead fishing event, right?
  11. Love Blazing Saddles. Funnest movie ever made.:thumb:
  12. I luv you mumbles! :)
  13. Chef, I'm going to pretend I didn't read your last.
    Still have room for a few more, if anyone is interested.
  14. I might be fishing Saturday depending on what my wife does this weekend. Can only fish once a weekend.
  15. I meant the mumbles love.
  16. I was planning on hitting the beach before hand. It's not far. Kill two birds with one backcast.
  17. Looking to be there. Plan to hit Lone on Sat morning if I am up to it then swing by the house, drop off boat and pack up for the evening event. Gotta play it by ear on this one but so far, so good.
  18. Awesome event Jeff. Thank you for hosting it. Great to see everyone!
  19. Well, It started off a little shaky. Five minutes before the first guy showed up the power went out. I thought we were going to have to call it off. By 6:30 the power was back on, the pizza showed up on time. Didn't get much tying done. Chef tied up a couple of thin mints.

    Had a great time shooting the shit. Got a little drunk. (Training for the Hohdown) Maybe next time we'll get the vices out first. Maybe.:rofl:
  20. lol. thats what I thought. The picture I took looked great.... beer and booze on the table, guys shooting the shit.... but only one vise. lol

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