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Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. there has been a butt load of swaps going on and i'm sure that a lot of you are maybe tied out but i thought i would host another one anyway even though i told myself i wouldn't for awhile. i can't stop thinking about hitting the small creeks during the summer months and throwing dries of any sort. i have been dabbling with some ant patterns since i have never fished an ant. here's the deal, 10 tiers tying 10 patterns of any terrestrial but it has to have some sort of foam in it even if just a little. a problem i have run into is some people not addingself addressed envelopes or a couple of bucks to mail the flies back. not that big of a deal since it only happened a couple of times, but make sure to do one or the other please. due to all the swaps and maybe some people needing a little down time i'll make the deadline may 30.

    me-ant - in hand
    flygirl2007-foam beetle - in hand
    david.schepers-ant - in hand
    dick ross-whopper - in hand
    marty-two tone foam hopper - in hand
    pat m-lady bug - in hand
    cruncher-tbd - in hand
    chattmr-foam winged woven body hopper - in hand
    bhudda-tube hopper
    burci-tbd - in hand
  2. I'm in for foam beetles.

    Question (which might be stupid...). Are we putting strike indicators on them, or does someone have a preference?

    Thanks so much!
  3. as long as the fly has foam then you can tie it however you would like.
  4. im in with an ant pattern ive had a lot of luck with. However, if you want more variety let me know i have a couple other ides.
  5. another ant is just fine
  6. Count me in! A little creation I like to call "The Whopper". Part hopper,part stone fly.....lotsa meat!
  7. flygirl, david schepers and dick ross are in
  8. bumped the date back to the 30th of may due to just finding out i will be out of country for a couple of weeks. the sooner the flies get to me the better.
  9. I have a few left in me, two tone foam hopper:beer2:
  10. excellent
  11. I'm game Mike. Pattern TBD
  12. pat's in. just 4 more to go
  13. I'd like to play. Not sure just what yet.... :hmmm:
  14. Mike, mine are done. pending that we have 10 tiers. I tied a kick ass foam lady bug pattern. I'll give them to you on Sat.
  15. wow that was quick! cool
  16. Yeah......Just cranked them out.
  17. Can I get in? This is my first swap. I'll submit my foam-winged woven-body hoppers...
  18. welcome chattmr
  19. just 2 more to go and we'll be off to the races.
  20. whaddup mike, let me in dude! tube hopper!

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