foam/terrestrial swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by mike doughty, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. thanks for the heads up jeff. also cruncher said his should be in the mail soon
  2. Mine are in the hands of the Post Office, as of a few hours ago, and on the way.
  3. cruncher, my roommate said your flies arrived. looking forward to seeing them
  4. Good to hear. Hopefully we get this one wrapped up by the deadline.
  5. finishing mine up; will be in the mail toady or tomorrow.
  6. thanks for the heads up burci. couple days left guys, let's get em' in so i can get em' out
  7. In the mail tonight
  8. the deadline is here and still waiting on a couple. today i got burci's and somebody from lacey, no name or self addressed envelope so not sure who's flies they are.
  9. bhudda how are your flies coming?
  10. bhudda's will be in the mail tommorrow so as soon as i get them i will send them out.
  11. just got dick ross's. nicely done!
  12. on there way!
  13. alright i got bhudda's killer flies today so will get them sent out on monday. thanks everyone for playing and will post pics soon
  14. all flies are in the mail. looks like i won't be able to take pics so if someone else can that would be groovy
  15. With Mike's OK, I'll post up the pics, once I get the package.
  16. Sounds good to me!
  17. Got them! They look great guys! Thank you, Mike, for organizing it! It was a blast! :thumb:
  18. I cant remember if I tagged the flies so if you see the ladybug thats mine.
  19. I figured as much Pat, even though you don't have much to hang a tag on 'em with that hook.

    Nicely done everyone. I got mine yesterday and the wife was thoroughly amazed at everyone's work too, even though she has no idea about fishing. She basically thinks I'm just nuts anyway.

    The tube one's were awesome as well because while I don't tie tubes at all (haven't gotten drawn into that dark side yet :rofl:) , I didn't even consider that concept using foam, these were super cool.

    I'll have the pics up soon hopefully. :thumb:
  20. The dark side...yes, another addiction that takes our time and least it puts out in the great outdoors!

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