Food for the Hoh Down.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jerry Daschofsky, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I don't think the HD is gonna show. It was a joke.

    Now if I were attending, I would bring the food code and bust your balls relentlessly. Since I am not attending, I wil bust your balls relentlessly on the interwebz.

    Go Sox,
  2. LOL. Charles I've helped run these boards for years. Problem is a lurker can take what they think is "true" and run with it. Had that happen at one of paid camps off a joke I put. Luckily my inspection there went fine.

    Go ahead and bust away. I'm thick skinned. I just wanted to clarify for those who read the net and take everything as truth. Why I add "LOL" or a smiley face when I'm being a smartass.
  3. Hey Jerry, why not a "morning after the bacon bomb" recovery with this balanced breakfast?

  4. Can we do that Jerry. Please Jerry please.
  5. Is there a pic of what you want me to cook? I'm not seeing it.
  6. it's a video
  7. Wholly shit!!! I can do some of that but doubt all of it. Whoever doesn't die Friday night will be dead Saturday morning. I'm gonna have to work on making some JD syrup. :)

    That's a maybe folks. ;)
  8. Evan, that is stomach is grumbling. Bacon is a serious food group. Jerry, that is a winner at camp. And that JD syrup..pass along the recipe.
  9. I have a recipe for bourbon syrup from my pro chef buddy that I've used in the past. If you're really wanting to do such a thing, I'll pass it along.
  10. How 'bout this....put maple syrup on your pancakes and DRINK the damned bourbon!!!!!!!
  11. the two do not have to be mutuallly exclusive
  12. Send me Bourban syrup recipe. I bet I can substitute JD in the recipe. I may try making some of the stuff in the video. But if it's too labor intensive prepwise it won't happen.
  13. LOL Evan. You got me rolling on that one.
  14. MMMM, Deep fried sausage/jalapeno/pancake thingy.
  15. f'ing awesome Evan. Love it!
  16. I must say, Ive never personally attended the Hoh down but those cooking pics are damn near enough to make me drive my ass up there! All them dutch ovens are classic, awesome set up you guys got going up there for the Oxbow campground.
  17. Guys, I just put an update about buying in. Please read. :) Especially read if you don't plan to be there the whole time. :)
  18. Sir, I am in Thursday through Sunday, will send you 40.00 here shortly. So excited to have someone else cooking for me for once!!! :)
  19. Just sent you payment Jerry, Thursday-Sunday
    Look forward to seeing all you fools!


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