Foot Release Anchor for Fiberglass Driftboat

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Joe Fitzpatrick, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I'm looking for a little guidance here. I just bought an older fiberglass driftboat with a mediocre anchor system. I looked around and have decided to go with a foot release system.

    So here is my question.....Obviously I will need to mount the foot release and an additional pully to the floor of my boat. This is my first boat and I'm a little reluctant to start punching holes in the fiberglass without any advice. I'm not too worried about the foot release because there is a wood slat platform for the rower. I think I should be able to securely mount it there. My issue is with the pully.

    I have attached a couple of pictures....The rear seat area (Which by the way I plan on mounting a seat) is full enclosing the lower transom. I will need to cut a hole on the top and the bottom to route the anchor rope. Any advise on how to do this? Also, the lower pully will need to be mounted to the floor. What is the best way to do this?

    I have considered setting-up a side pull system, but I really don't want that.

    Any help would be great...

  2. Only thing I can help you with is to tell you DON'T DO IT! I've rowed several boats with foot releases. I've hated everyone of them. Mostly because at one time or another, I've released the boat when I didn't want to. Had a friend who made a cool pin to lock the release when he was on the move. But for the most part just the right tap and you're SOL, usually happens when you really don't want it (running rapids). Boat looks like a really old Eastside. My computer's slow, so taking forever for the pics to come up. If it is, great boat (I have one myself).
  3. Jerry,

    You are right...It is an eastside. So, you are suggesting a side pull system? Can you point me in the right direction as to where to get the parts I need? Also, will the anchor rope be in the way of the rear seat? How does the release work?

  4. I'm in the process of restoring my old eastside. I have the full system for it. All you need to do is go to sportco and buy all the pieces. Where I got all my parts. I've actually put on and pulled off my system several times. Everytime I start the project (I'm stripping it down, repainting it, then modernizing it) I need to take boat fishing. So I put the anchor system back on. LOL.

    What I did was mount my release to the passenger seat. I mounted the anchor mount on the transom, but up high enough where it cleared the transom. I mounted the running pullings along the gunnel, replacing the factory bolts that hold the gunnel on with a big bigger ones that thread into my pulleys. That way the rope runs along the gunnel and out of everyones way. Then I simply let the rope pile on the floor (for now) in front of me. I'm going to put a catch basket that attaches to the rear seat as well to let the rope fall into. Will be like a clothes basket or something. But up off the floor. Key with front bench is to reinforce it with a piece of aluminum inside to take stress off the bench. Mine is ripped apart again. LOL. I have my rear mount on, but I put the jam cleat back on the anchor drop in back until I'm ready to put the full anchor system on again. My side pull drop had the actual cleat on it. Took it off for the rear drop.
  5. You wouldn't happen to have any pics would you????
  6. No, not current ones. I could only give you pics of just how the anchor sits in the back. I see you live in Puyallup. How soon do you want to add this? I live in South Prairie, just down the road. You could come over and I could show you the parts at least and how they normally apply. If you're interested.
  7. Jerry,
    That would be very cool.....I'd love to see it in person. I'm a visual kinda guy...:thumb:

    Give me your e-mail addy and I will shoot you my number
  8. I just sent you a PM with my cell #. :)
  9. One thing about the foot anchor releases,if you have a bad back you will not like it --- better with a side pull system. Here's what you need. [​IMG]
  10. Here's a decent picture of a side pull anchor system;the anchor mount is on the back,3 rollers along the right side and to the right next to the rowers seat is where your jam cleat should be.

  11. Thanks Eddie.....
  12. Ah, there you go. Pretty much what my setup looks like. But I switched my front pulley and cleat to the combo that's on most driftboats. It's a plate that has them both on it. Keeps it up and out of my way. And only takes a quick tug of the rope to release it.
  13. Jerry,

    I still would like to check your setup out, if thats OK. I'm really interested in how you mounted the front combo unit...
  14. No problem. It's ripped out right now. But can show you where it normally goes. Looks pretty similar to his setup, and I can toss the extra line on the cleat near my seat.
  15. Just bought an Eastside with a side pull system. Haven't tried it on the river yet. I'm thinking of putting Goop Coat-it on the bottom before I take it out. Any thoughts?


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