For all you video watchers!!!

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  1. I don't know how many of you know about this so I am posting for the ones who don't. It seems to me that most of us enjoy watching and talking about fly fishing almost as much as we like doing it. Well this is a web address of a ton of fly fishing video's. There are all kinds of them from all different kinds of places hope you guys enjoy watching them. I have oh and the put new one's on all the time.
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  2. I went to watch a recorded episode of the big bang theory Monday night, only to find out Trout Tv had been recorded instead. It was an episode on the beaverhead.
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  3. Well this has some amazing little clips most are 5-10 mins long but there are a few that are longer.
  4. Oh no... Now I'll never get anything done. :eek:
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  5. And question what day and time does trout t.v. air in spokane??? I know its on fox but can seem to find out when its on.
  6. So who all checked this site out and what did you guys think??
  7. I hate videos no matter what they are about. I have no patience with them. Just like I don't have patience with kids or dumb asses.
  8. Well I just thought it would be something people would enjoy. But don't let me have you do something you don't want to do. And there are even tying videos on there. But again just trying to help.
  9. You would bitch if you got hung with a new rope ;-)
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  10. Cool link. Thanks. So much for getting ready for tomorrow's fishing trip tonight. Now back to the videos.
  11. Check out the one on taylor river monsters its up real!!!
  12. I'm not against video's. I just don't like watching them. You can all watch them. I could care less.

    This is just one of those quirks that set me off. I could ignore this thread, but then again it wouldn't be ME.
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  13. Ha, Ha, Ha.
  14. My operating system warned me about opening the videos so I didn't. With so many computer viruses out there these days, I tend to not to open something if the program warns me about possible hidden files. Otherwise, I like watching videos. If they include some weird-ass, new age music, I mute the sound.
  15. Well i what to hear what you have to say if i didnt i would just not Read them and i am shocked You even use a
  16. That is why i bought a apple. Its just a site that has a tone of fly fishing videos on it if you have smart phone you could use that and they sometimes do have that new age music but some time that have the old stuff to.
  17. I'm shocked also that I know how to even type. But when you get as old as I am you get cranky. And I'm one cranky asshole.
  18. Its alright if we didnt have you cranky assholes we wouldnt have anyone to show or tells when we did something wrong!!! And how would we learn then.

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