FS For Lefties: C.A. Harris Solitude 5 Reel (RH Retrieve)

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    Original Craig Harris Solitude 5 reel in excellent, lightly used condition for sale for $185. I bought this reel new from Harris in 2003 and used it on a few trips to Michigan. It has not been fished in several years. The only sign of wear is one area on the bottom of the frame, where superficial, small scratches are present (see last photo). The Harris Solitude reel is an extremely well made, sealed-drag reel designed for the frigid conditions of midwinter steelheading in Michigan. The Solitude 5 is perfect for a big spey rod.

    Please note that this reel was manufactured for right-hand retrieve. (I am left-handed). Conversion to left-hand retrieve required sending the reel back to Harris. Since his company went out of business, Bob Wheeler in New York (who bought Harris's stock of spare parts) now does the conversion. He charges $65 for parts and labor. Wheeler can be reached at harrissolituderepair.com. The company in Mount Vernon that currently manufactures Solitude reels does NOT convert the original Harris Solitudes. I have contact information for the guy in New York.

    If you do not live in western Washington, please expect to pay for shipping if you buy the reel.

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    Still available.