For Sale or Trade, Outcast Super Fat Cat, Makita Chop Saw, Omega Seamaster Watch.

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Alexander, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Alexander Fishon

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    Here's the scoop,

    I have these items up for sale because I don't have any use for them and would like to invest in flyrod, reels and lines instead.

    * I have an Outcast Super Fat Cat (like new condition) with extra stripping net and extra inflatables for seat/back (from another Fat Cat I salvaged). Color is Willow (light green). This baby rides high on the water and is excellent for Stillwater fly fishing. I'll consider trades, or you can make me an offer money wise. This thing may have been on the water all of 3 times. It has been properly stored and looks no different from a floor model in a store.

    *I have a Makita LC1230 12 Inch Metal Cutting Saw (used only for 4 cuts of 8th inch wall square tubing) Thought I was going to be building railings for people, got another job instead.) This Saw is in the box, also like new - just sitting in my basement, useless. Also will consider trade or make me a money offer.

    *Next - this probably isn't the place for this, but you never know, maybe some of you collect or appreciate real watches. ;) I have an Omega Seamaster (chronograph)P that I bought at Ben Bridge Jewelers. I have ALL the paper work and it has recently had it's full $500 maintenance service which they recommend every X amount of years. I have the paper work on this as well and all the "old" parts that were replaced in a baggie if that tickles your fancy. If you are interested let me know, if you don't know what this is, you're probably not interested. ;) I mean this nicely. :)

    Thanks for letting me post. Pics to follow.

    If you are interested hit me up in here or hit me up on private message.

    Alexander Goeting

    Make me an offer trade or buy, whatever floats your boat.
  2. Alexander Fishon

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  3. boboo_3 Cool Member

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    PM sent on the Omega watch
  4. SHigSpeed Active Member

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    PM'd re: SFC.

  5. Alexander Fishon

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    Everything still up for grabbers!
  6. JesseC Active Member

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    just list the prices man.
  7. Alexander Fishon

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    Yeah, that would help wouldn't it? ;) Thanks for the reminder, was a bit hurried today.

    Outcast Super Fat Cat $280 or let me know what you got for trade in.
    Makita Saw $300 or trade in
    Omega $1350, the watch (new) retail price is $3K+ (model # is 2598.80) I've watched ebay on and off for about a year and average ending bid on these is $1350. Elsewhere on the web they are sold (used) for more. Like I said, I have ALL paperwork and validation of authentication and if you really want to be sure, I'll go down to Ben Bridge in Silverdale Mall with you. ;)

    I'm in the market for Switch Rods and reels and line to go with it. And or a good beach rod for searuns etc.

    Anyway, if you have more questions hit me up.
  8. PT Physhicist

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    $200 for SFC?
  9. Alexander Fishon

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    250 cause you're in Edmonds.
  10. steelydan Newb seeking wisdom

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    I'm wearing the Omega Seamaster my wife bought me for my 40th bday...made in the year I was born.
    =useless post
  11. Alexander Fishon

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    Pics please! :D I like watches!
  12. dp ~El Pescador

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    would you sell the spare stripping net?
  13. Alexander Fishon

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  14. Bob Rankin Active Member

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    Is the fat cat still for sale
  15. Rich Morrison Member

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    Nope - I bought it.
  16. Alexander Fishon

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    O'Doyle, did you get it? It should have arrived already eh?
  17. Rich Morrison Member

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    Yep - my Dad said it arrived safe and sound and is waiting for me out in Cali. I'll be there to give it a shakedown cruise in a couple of weeks. Thanks again for the great deal Alex.