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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by DaveD, Dec 20, 2004.

  1. My father started to fly fish this last yr and has been buying all his flies from the store. He has expressed interest in learning to tie his own to me and others. So in the mist of xmas season and the lack of a gift, I have bought a book for him and would like to get some of the materials to make a simpler fly. We live in SW Washington and I believe he fishes for salmon and steelhead. Is there a easier one to learn? and if possible do you happen to have a list of the materials to make?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dave :confused:
  2. Well welcome to the board. There are a few fly tying kits out there that explain about how to do it. They are alright as they point you in the right direction. But like I said it's a starter kit and if you like what you are doing you can always up grade. Or you can visit your friendly fly shop and they have kits on tying on one fly at a time. But you still need a vise and the tools so I would just get a tying kit.

  3. Welcome to the board. Hopefully, your dad will drag you into the world of fly tossing as well. :thumb:

    When I started tying, I started with one of those beginner kits and a book (book link ). From there it was practice. That's one way to go and will start him with all the basics. He will undoubtly want to upgrade equipment as he improves, but he will have a much better idea of what sort of stuff with what sort of features he wants.

    Another might be to look and see if your local fly shop has a class on Fly Tying. Most do and that would be a great way to jump in. You could him up for a gift. Heck, sign yourself up too and take it with him. I'm sure he'd like the extra time spent with his son. That would be a great gift.

  4. Well to answer your question...tie a wooley bugger in colors that you normally use for those species of fish. I don't think you can get to much easier then that and with a fly that works for almost any species of fish if not all of'em...


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