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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chef, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Chef, don't worry about what someone says about your gear. Like a previous poster said, if they get you where you want to go, then they're the right ones. As far as Force Fins go, I had the adjustable ones for tubing an' toonin'. I got Omega Flip Fins and ended up selling the Force Fins.
    I like the Flips a lot more than the Force. Personal preference.
    Chef, did you get my PM the other day?
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    Can't comment on Flips and sorry if I'm going off on a tangent. I have an old 90s pair of Force Fins that looks to have the same dimensions as the fins in Chef's photo. They were never real easy to get on over my old lightweight Orvis flat-soled booties that provided zero ankle and arch support; frequently got cramps in the soles of my feet from kicking. After I recently purchased Seasoft Stealth dive boots (with good ankle and excellent arch support) I had to really work to get the tether cords and straps around the heel of the boots. The rubber heel pads disintegrated years ago too. I fashioned new straps and padded tether cords that are approximately 3 inches longer, and my wife made up new heel pads from 3mm neoprene koozies folded over (doubled) and stitched. They fit and feel good, and were always very efficient at moving me through the water. Now they are easy to get on and off in seconds sitting down on the seat of my Kodiak. Who cares if the Force Fins don't fold up. No reason to go off and spend $150 on another pair of fins, even if I can sell the Force Fins to get a little of the money back.
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    But Omega had a deal for a short time. Buy one pair at that $169. and get a second pair for FREE. So, my brother and myself paid $85. each for the flip up. Nice thing is, I bought the Force Fins back a few years at Sportsmans for $100. and see they now sell for $199. So, Mojo used his for about 8 years and turned around and sold them for the same price he paid for them. I in turn bought Mojo the brand new yellow Omega's from NFO. I on the other hand still have my FF and the olive Omegas....I admit it, I am woman and I love all shoes...LOL