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  1. Tomorrow is going to be the longest work day ever. It'll be the normal 8 hours, but since Saturday marks my first deer hunt and I can't think about much else... it'll be a long friday.
    Good luck to all of you out there this weekend, I'm looking forward to some reports.
  2. Good luck and have fun.
    Post pics and a story
  3. Good luck and enjoy the day. As Ribka suggested, post a few pictures even if you don't score with Bambi.
  4. So, wow, I had ridiculously good luck opening morning. It started off frustrating, as some people decided to "pass through" the piece I had permission on, and I wasn't assertive enough to just kick them totally out of there, instead hoping they would hurry through. But after that I settled in above the draw I was hunting, had a warm drink, and watched. I saw a buck taken a few fields away, and loads of coyotes running around, but no deer moving in my section. I got a little ancy after an hour, with a cold wind blowing my scent directly into and down-canyon, so I headed to the top of the draw to switch sides. Right up at the top, where there is probably only 15 yards of shrub and a trickle of water between plowed fields, I jumped a huge whitetail. I think I actually said "oh shit" out loud, dropped my shooting sticks, and pulled up on the deer. In spite of being jumped by me he was pretty casual, only slowing loping away, actually down-canyon so he was running almost parallel to me. I was able to take a standing shot at what must have been 30 yards or less, and missed the first, but hit the second shot right on his front shoulder. He ran another 5 seconds, stopped, then slumped, and was dead when I made my way over a few minutes later. Gutting it was interesting, I'm glad I did a bit of research on it.
    Anyway, I'm obviously ecstatic, I got really lucky this morning, getting a deer in my first 90 minutes of deer hunting on opening day of my first season. I am glad I was able to make the most of the chance, and make a clean kill. It was also rewarding to know that the trespassers walked past that spot earlier that morning, but weren't close enough to jump it.
    Hope some of you had good luck out there as well. Oh, and I was hunting in Southeast Washington.
  5. Dandy buck . . . congrats! I had good luck too (if you deem mowing & fall yardwork lucky . . . ). Well done & one for the memory book.
  6. Oh, brother, are you ruined. Very well done particularly the part about reading, researching, learning all you can before setting out afield. I imagine you spent some time on the range shooting your stick, too. Congrats on a great deer and a great outing. Enjoy the venison, I am jealous of that part.
  7. Nice buck Eric!
  8. Well done and a really nice buck. Congrats and thanks for sharing
    What rifle are you shooting?
  9. I was using a .308 winchester autoloader. I was only able to borrow it last week, so I spent a lot of time trying to get used to it. The trigger creeps a good bit, and I'm an inexperienced shooter, so I went through about 30 rounds at the range. Even after that I was telling myself I wouldn't shoot over 100 yards because past that range I could hit a deer, but probably not where I intended. I was glad I didn't have to make that call though, and got a much closer shot.
  10. And I commend you on your hunting ethics. Bravo, young man. May you have many enjoyable hunts ahead of you.
  11. Nice buck
    Beginners luck
    Good shot
    Hit the spot
    Good luck again next year
    I hope ya get another deer
  12. Great job Eric! That's a nice animal, but I'll 2nd Gary's comment, God is good to beginners. :)

    Congrats man.
  13. Beauty of a first buck! Shot my first deer with that same rifle, also loaned to me. Nice little gun but has to be cleaned thoroughly and often. Congratulations man! That will get your heart pumping!
  14. Super cool Eric. you will remember this for the remander of your life.
  15. Great pics,
    congrats on your first buck! I have to brag my wife has been a good sport...She hunted with me for the last 7 yrs archery and was
    very frustrated...I gave up the rifle seasons 15 yrs ago...So here is the story she decided she would like to try hunting with a modern
    firearm...shoped around bought beautiful 7mm-08 savage edge she actually paid for and I took in the guide role up to my old stomping
    grounds up the okanogan since I am native to the area...she got a beatiful 3x3 mulie with a shot at just a touch over 300 yards I ranged
    it and coached her she was cool and collected it was alot of fun!!!

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