NFR Forget Gun Posts? Nostalgic Cars You've Owned

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  1. No; and I assume thats why they don't produce the rotary for sale here anymore.
    But RX8 drivers sure do have attitude! Small displacement engine, serious horsepower and rev limits. They look good too. I'm a fan; but I wouldn't buy one. Just sayin'.
  2. I'm trying out this new "rig" for the holidays. Has all the "bells and whistles"! new vehicle.jpg
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  3. No radar detector?
    Just askin'.
  4. This car needs a serious HP bump. 208 just doesn't cut it these days when even a 6 cyl Mustang had 300z.
  5. One night as I was leaving college, I followed an RX-7 up the on ramp with that turbo Sirocco. I had to let off the Sirocco @ 100mph as it would start to pre detonate. The RX-7 just kept on cranking like there was no tomorrow. When It came time to replace the Sirocco, It was an 85 RX-7 GSL-SE that won out. I always wanted a turbo RX-7. And I would liked to have had a third gen twin turbo when they were new. But by the time I needed to replace the SE, RX-7's were no longer being made. They didn't get great gas mileage, but they weren't too bad, as long as you kept your foot out of them. Same thing with the oil, as long as you didn't push them every time the light turned green, they would only use about a pint between oil changes. One of the most trouble free cars I've ever owned. That, coupled with the fun factor, earned them five stars in my book.
  6. Perhaps straying a little from the 'nostalgic car' thread son in law has an RX7 that puts out close to 500....(twin turbo), which is pushing Shelby numbers, in a much lighter and more nimble car. Make no mistake: I'm a Mustang fan. But.........sheesh, these 'tuner' cars sure do move.
  7. I'm still driving my favorite ride. All you have to do is look at my avatar pic!

    1969 Z28 Camaro which I bought in 1974 to replace the 1970 Nova SS 350 that I totaled in a rather inebriated moment.

    It's all-original outside of headers/exhaust and some engine compartment chrome. The DZ302 motor has never been touched outside of the block being repainted back in the mid-'70s. The current exterior paint was done in '09. 72,000 miles on car/motor and it still runs like the Trans-Am champion it was created to be. (Hint: read the history of the late 60s Trans-Am race series competition between Ford and Chevrolet!)

    The pic is from the 2008 Mild-to-Wild car show in the Tacoma Dome. It's been shown around the PNW irregularly (car shows can be kinda boring to me!) but it did take "The car I'd most like to take to my high school reunion" award at last summer's Taste of Hood Canal festival in Belfair. Since I'm a recent transplant to the Kitsap area that was kinda special!!

    And Patrick Gould, my wife has a 1979 Midget that her ex restored just before their divorce.

    Nearly 20K invested in a car that's currently worth a fraction of that. It has a really modded motor that makes it go very fast but dang, that car is small. I'm not a big guy (5' 10" and 170) but it's a chore to fold myself up into that cockpit! It's a fun little thing, though!! :)
  8. I think the 3rd gen twin turbo RX-7's were putting out 200hp right out of the box. 300hp was quite easy, 400/500hp was not unheard of. Remarkable for 1300cc. Three rotor engines are real screamers.

    I've never cared much for the "tuner" designation as it kind of relates tuner cars to "rice burners" which are also related to the younger generation who seem not to share any particular infatuation for American made. Difficult to blame them when the speed channel features a Kia outperforming a BMW. Hell today. anything that is fuel injected is computer controlled, therefore a "tuner" car. :rolleyes: But then at my advanced age, there is a lot to which I no longer relate. Mostly by choice.
  9. I think I get what you're saying.
    I love the old muscle cars....but I love DRIVING the new stuff.
    Computer self diagnosed codes? Wow.
    ABS? Super. Traction control? Amazing. I don't miss the old 'needle and seat'.
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  10. You guys have some some truly cool cars, now how about trucks? In the 90s I worked for an outfit that had a '56 Studebaker that looked like this, but in blue. It had some modern Chev running gear and was a great daily driver.
  11. Wow. Great point.
    My first summer job was working on a construction site doing cleanup and running errands .......... all in an old (1952 ?) Chev pickup. Three on the tree...... what a great memory.
    I think gas was about 22 cents per gallon.
  12. 1963 Ford Fairlane (first car). 1966 Mustang (bought for spouse, nickel-n-dimed me to death). 1970 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser (the one I still kick myself for selling).
  13. Thanks for starting a fun thread Larry.
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  14. Now that I have quit "drooling".... You're welcome! It sure was fun to see what others had back in the day. Very kool guys! Thank you. More pics welcome here!
  15. Closest thing I had close to a muscle car was the 62 Pontiac 2 door hard top with the 3 deuces on it( that was so long ago I forgot what the size of the engine was). The damn thing was painted Yellow. I called it my screaming yellow zonker. It was a gas hog and it had a 3 speed on the floor.

    I also had a 64 Corvair. I blew the engine up on it and had to put another one in it. I ended up with a Spider engine in it from the hotter ones. You could get rubber in all four gears. It was one little hot number. Good gas mileage. But This was in my single years and I didn't give a damn about mileage.

    I've had so many cars in my life time I just can't remember all of them.
  16. Hmmm... I think the Bonneville, Catalina and Tempest had the 389 c.i. tri-power options? I once owned a '63 Tempest wagon that I used as a commuter car. It was pretty rough looking but mechanically, pretty unique. It had a 4-banger 194. Pontiac took the higher-perfomance 389 and sorta removed one bank of cylinders. This motor was a 4-cylinder 194 with a 4-barrel carb. Ya don't see too many 4 cylinders with 4 barrels. This thing also had a shift-on-the-dash auto transmission.

    Can't say that I miss this particular vehicle! ;)
  17. Didn't know that. I had a classmate (class of '72) whose daily go-to-school driver was a Catalina with a 389 tri power. Holy crap. Huge Detroit steel propelled by an enormous petrochemical powerplant.....That baby would roar. And she was cute. No: beautiful.
    Days long since gone.
  18. Yeah, back in the day of that 51 Plymouth we stuffed the Chrysler six in, the garage I worked for had this old Studebaker truck. We got hold of a 348 ci Chevy tri power & tranny which we put in that truck. We even kept the vacuum linkage. We welded a 55 gal oil drum filled with scrap iron to the bed of that thing for added traction. Made a good tow truck & a fun vehicle to play in the snow. Who would have thought of rat rods back then? If that thing wasn't, I don't know what was.
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  19. Love old fords, would like to find the "right" early 40's coupe or an uncut Bronco but these keep the garage full right now.


  20. "Nostalgic"??? When I was kid of 16 to 20 years old , lusting for a thirties or forties vintage car to hot rod, my elders said those cars are older than you are. But what the hell, that car will be 25 years old come the first of the year. Older than many of those I lusted for back in the day. WTF is it? I've had everyone from pre school kids to fat old ladies give me thumbs up and ask what it is. Most think it's a Lotis, Lamborgini, or some other Italian exotic. 105x.jpg Chick Magnet, is what it is. Damn, if I'd had this when I was younger,,,,:D
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