Forgotten rod classics

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ryan Bradfield, May 27, 2013.

  1. HA. Haven't seen one of them in awhile. I remember when I was growing up, I used to fish a water hazard at a nearby golf course that mostly had bluegills, sunfish and bull heads and this 9-10 year old kid actually hooked one of huge carps also in there that no one ever caught on his Pocket Fisherman. Quite the spectacle....
  2. A friend of mine swears by the Red NTIQ rods.He catches huge Jacks on them on a 12wt.He reckons he cant find anything close to them.I cannot understand why they discontinued them?
  3. This thread got me thinking about the first fly rod I built about 1981, from an 8'6" 7 wt 2 pc Lamiglass S-Glass first trout and summer steelhead rod....moderately slow, but plenty of lifting power. I haven't used it in about 10+ years....I guess it's time to dust it off and put it through its paces!
  4. OMG, those S-GLASS rods were the best plug rods ever built! I had one for years that I drift-fished with and sometimes would run plugs with. they are very sought after by people in the know! I offered a friend $200 for his about 15 years ago and he wouldn't sell it.
  5. Which winston rods are known as classics?
  6. I second this, my first "nice" rod was a 476 DS2, what a great rod!

  7. Winston IM6 would be one.
  8. would this be the WT series?
  9. Rob Allen nailed it in my opinion, a great rod design will always be a great rod design.
  10. Agreed. In terms of single hand rods the Sage 8100-3 RPL (not +)was/is the best steelhead single hander I've ever cast. It'll do it all and do it well. Those who like roll casting for steelhead should own this rod.
  11. I am in the DS2 crowd. Those rods are really powerful if you let them snap for you. I have seen a lot of people collapse the tips on them by overloading them with bad technique or timing. They sure hold the load well/easily for single hand spey, and roll cast a mile.
  12. I think those were the NTI rods....the NTIQ were those they called baby blue...they had a quartz layer over a very high graphite count or some kind of mix :confused: . An ice sky blue color .....I think they ran from 8 to 12 weights only and came in three and four piece. I remember they had a high price tag 700ish (?)
  13. No Porter he definately had the baby blue NTIQ 12wt & 8wt rods.I distinctly remember them by that unusual blank colour
  14. Just responded because your original post said red NTIQ...
  15. There was a time when I favored fast action rods. But, over the years, I have come to find some of the slower actions to be more in time with my aging body. The CND Black Spey, and old T&T LP 4wt, and my latest acquisition, a Winston BL-5 10wt

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