Forks Area in mid-December

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  1. lower hoh is still pretty silty I would check it out down low before committing to it, make sure to bring your long johns I did a bunch of floats the past couple of days and it is ass freezing cold over there.
  2. A huge hunk of clay fell in at Allen's Bar (just below 101 on the hoh) and is keeping the lower river dirty. Watch for flows to dip below 1400 for it to begin to green up, weather depending. It's gonna take a significant amount of time to break up its gonna make for a different scene on the hoh this year.
  3. Waters West, very much a class act. I love going there and even shopping their online site is great. Excellent quality tying materials at a very good price.
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  4. I had never been there before, but they sure bailed me out this time. I shall sing their praises far and wide!
  5. Thanks for the tips and updates. We will just have to make the best out if it, as we are all committed at this point. It was 24 below at my house this morning with wind chills around -40. I will be having over a 60 degree change for the better.
  6. I agree with!! Fyi I have been out to forks 3 times this week. It just might be my imagination but it sure seem like there are a hell of a lot of drift boats already driving around town.

    I use to live in live in Montana I know hard hard it is to time a trip out here. Good luck
  7. I was there monday-thurs and most days there were 3-4 boats on the water and that was it. Hell in the mornings the hatchery hole only had 4-5 guys fishing in it. As I was leaving after the snow started on thursday I counted no less than 10 boats headed that direction between forks and PA.
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  8. We have had some uncommonly dry and cold weather here on the Olympic Peninsula over the last week. And the rivers have been dropping into low and cold shape. Hardly ideal for winter steelhead fishing. But we expect a moderate warming trend, and some rain, early and all of the way through, next week here. With colder temperatures this time of year this could create moderate flows, without a big flush of silt and trouble. And that might set you up for some much better flows and conditions by the time that you get here to fish. Winter forecasting here can be very difficult beyond a few days to a week at a time. So watch the weather and river flows in the days before you come here. In all but the worst conditions,(significant warming trends and heavy extended duration rainfall), you will be able to find some water to fish here. Here is one good regional link for short term forecasting: You should be right in the middle of the winter hatchery steelhead run by then.
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  10. Bob,thank for the great links. I appreciate everyone's input. I am sitting in the Billings, MT airport right now for my flight to SeaTac. It was -32 wind chill this morning, so I won't be missing much here. I have been fly fishing with one of the guys I am meeting up there for 30 years, and we have traveled all over on fishing trips. We have always managed to make the best out of very situation.
  11. Safe flight today Dan, sorry I'll miss you this trip. Give me a call when you get back, good luck, looks like you might get a little rain and warm up tomorrow and Tue.

  12. We floated the Bogey today from the hatchery to Wilson's. Two fish hooked, but not landed swinging flies and that was it. Cold, snowy day, but not too bad. The guides with gear and bait did very well with brats. About ten boats on River and we were the only fly guys. Since we saw fish in there, we are going to hit it again tomorrow.
  13. Good deal, glad you had some action.
  14. We did the same section of the Bogey today with no luck. The gear and bait guys also were having a tough time, but were still catching a few fish. We are planning on floating the Lower Hoh tomorrow from OxBow to G&L Shake.
  15. Thanks for the reports- they provide good motivation to get out there. Let us know how you do on the lower Hoh!

    The challenge with midweek of course is the nets. The Hoh has nets out Mon-Thur and the Quillayute Mon-Fri. Tough to swing for fish that are hanging in a gillnet downstream.
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  16. I though the nets on the Quill were only out 'till Wednesday, am I wrong?
  17. Plans changed and we ended up floating from Minnie's to Allen Bar due to silty water below Allen's. The mud slide at Allen Bar was calving the whole time we were loading the boat. Fishing was very good and Ox Bow rapids were a rush. The canyon was absolutely amazing.
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  18. Sounds like you had a good trip, hope to visit Your state next year, I'll drop you a note if I do.

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