Forks fights to keep killing wild steelhead

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    Who cares?

    We are talking about the city council of Forks. Who are they? I doubt that this city council really has all that much political clout. They should stick to garbage rates and bike paths like other small town city councils.

    If I had a fishing trip planned to the Forks area I would go; eat in their resturants; buy gas at their gas stations; stay in their motels; etc. I would not voice my opinions on fish management unless someone asked me what my opinions are and I would not ask anyone their opinion. I would fish and release anything I caught providing I indeed caught something.
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    While I respectfully disagree with the City of Forks formal position and action on the moratorium, I also recognize their right to file a petition with the higher government. We all have that right.

    When I saw the petition they are promoting it was identified as being from "The Sportsman of Washington". I have not been able to identify this group anywhere. The petition was circulated all over the Olympic Peninsula for the past few months. It never mentioned the City of Forks, or the Forks Forum newspaper, or it's editor George McCormick, as being behind it.

    "Each toy seems prologue to some great amiss"

    State Representative Jim Buck,(R-Joyce, WA) has joined the anti-moratorium fray,(as well as, supposedly, "10 state senators and other Representatives"; per The Peninsula Daily News today), and they aren't kidding. They have more political and financial clout than most people understand.

    Of all the posts above; the one with reference to writing your state legislators makes the most sense to me. Start writing. Get involved. Now.