"Forks Fish-In"

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by miyawaki, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. miyawaki

    miyawaki Active Member

    An idea has been floated on another forum that has been gathering momentum:

    How about a "Forks Fish-In."

    Those of us that support Wild Steelhead Release make a show of force the first or second weekend in April. There are hundreds of us and I am sure enough of us could get together to fill the motel rooms, clog the diners, eateries and bars, create lines at the gas stations and book every guide in town.

    The idea is to show those who are opposed to WSR and/or worried about what will happen to the town of Forks, that Wild Steelhead Release is good for Forks.

    If a few hundred fishermen show up one weekend and tell the motel owners, the waitresses, the gas station clerks, the checkers at the Thriftway etc. etc. that "I am here because of Wild Steelhead Release and I will return because of Wild Steelhead Release."

    Maybe we can make a differance, change some minds and maybe catch and release some wild steelhead to boot!

    We'll keep you posted as the "Forks Fish-In" comes together.

  2. Mike Colagrossi

    Mike Colagrossi Whammo!

    Count me in Leland and I am sure I have a crew of about 4-5 guys that will come out with me for we were in Forks for 4 1/2 days last weekend and all I got was a damn white fish!!

  3. Luv2flyfish

    Luv2flyfish Another Flyfisherman

    at first glance.....sounds like a good idea I'd be in (if all goes well between now and then)
  4. Nailknot

    Nailknot Active Member

    I think this is a bad idea. What's wrong with letting Forks exhaust thier political options, and us fishers just keep going and fishing. maybe an extra trip. But why the need for such a grandstand? If the point is supporting the locals, I don't see this as the way to do so. I can't imagine it will change any minds, but will present a very east target for those opposed. Especially if we all go out there one weekend, and then don't for the rest of April.
    Just one man's view.

    Be the ball Danny
  5. Nick Andrews

    Nick Andrews New Member

    If it is the first weekend in April I am in because I will be there anyway. Sounds like a good idea. There is force with numbers. -Nick
  6. Nick Andrews

    Nick Andrews New Member

    We landed three lost three others. Where did you fish? We waded the Hoh Friday An Sunday. Saturday we drifted. -Nick
  7. Bob Triggs

    Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

    If you can change that phrase to:"A Show of Support"; then you have mine and I will be there. But I'll probably be there anyway.

    BOBLAWLESS New Member

    Great idea, Leland. I promise to be there unless things go south with my wife's health. We need to orchestrate this correctly. Just an idea: somebody dream up a nice looking format for a card to be printed by each of us in the number we feel necessary and leave one of these homemade cards at each business place we stop in. Hell, with a little effort, we could leave one at every business in town. Like:


    Well, just a thought for discussion.

    Bob, the Shucks, I'll hand out fifty by myself.:rolleyes
  9. TomB

    TomB Active Member

    I will have to do it in march seeing as i will be back at school for april, but I will make it heard that I am spending my pro-steelhead release dollars there!
  10. Flip

    Flip The dumb kid

    ill look into being in. transportation is a big issue with me... but maybe i need to con the ole' dad into a trip to the op.. i know he wants to.. its just alot of talking. if i can get there, im in all the way

  11. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I supposed that wouldn't be so bad but the first weekend in April is the fish-in at Dry Falls Lake,which quite a few are going to. Just though that I would bring this up.

  12. Mike Colagrossi

    Mike Colagrossi Whammo!

    Andy I don't want to hear it I am jealous I fished the same waters and got skunked..............I actually believe it is because we hit the water way to late and by that time the fish were put down. My next trip out there I am going to be fishing at first light.

    Who knows maybe I just suck at fishing..

  13. Brian Simonseth

    Brian Simonseth Banned or Parked


    Just say when!:thumb
  14. hikepat

    hikepat Patrick

    I thaught Dry Falls was the 2nd weekend to miss the opening day crowds alittle. What are you talking about Jim. Or am I confused.
  15. mat1226

    mat1226 Active Member

    I like the idea of supporting the fishery. I will try to get to this.

    Jim's point is a good one. A lot of folks will be going east. But there are a lot of people on this board. I have not been to the OP in a long time. Maybe I can talk my brother into coming along.

  16. Nailknot

    Nailknot Active Member

    Since the OP embraced with passion the spotted owl and old growth conservation, I think we should follow the lead of those methods. Confrontation worked really well converting the locals. After all, even though the law is done, the locals have certainly changed mind and embraced those actions. They love spotted owls now- just the other day I say one wired to the grill of a logging truck. Who wants to chain themselves to a steelhead, or better yet, have a circle sit in, in downtown Forks, for the sake of our right to hook, fight, and release fish.

    We should be building bridges with our fishing brothers, not antagonizing them. Nobody is pure here. Have you guys seen the petitions? They are everywhere. Some people don't want us outsiders there- period. This divisive reg is making it very clear, and fly fishers are getting the blame. If it was you, would you want a sit in or similar actions dividing your town? Let's think about the process, the goals, the people. The reg has been passed. Fer cryin out loud, let's give it some time and see what happens. The reg hasn't even gone into effect. I have a very real fear that the overly ambitious actions of a few simple minds will ruin our dialog and kinship with many OP local fishers. Is it really worth it? Patience Leyland. This isn't the civil rights movement. This is four rivers and changing attitudes over time. The system has done well here, let's all keep working within the system for change. Confronting people in Forks, then leaving back to the burbs, isn't at all positive method for change.

    How about this, for those sold on action-- book solid every guide on the west end for the month of April, gear or fly. Show up, spend money, have fun. And keep coming back. That's what the locals need to see and feel.

    Be the ball Danny
  17. KerryS

    KerryS Ignored Member

    Can I bring my friend with the Hummer? You know nothing says you have money to burn then a diving a big ass Hummer.

    I will try to make it. Although like I said on the other board. Who are we trying to impress? The Forks city council? For some reason I don't understand.
  18. Les Johnson

    Les Johnson Les Johnson

    I'm playing devils advocate here:

    I, like most of the people who post on this BB support the Forks economy and in my own case, have done so for more than 50 years. I'm not sure that an obvious grandstand weekend will serve much purpose, other than have the locals say, "the tree-hugging, big-city bastards who are taking away our fishing are now making a grandstand play." We don't need this.

    After this week, Mayor Reed and her entourage will have seen the facts and talked with the Commissioners and WDFW biologists. This may change the tone of things just a bit. Then we can determine if a fish-in might help.

    I do believe that the two-year moratorium will help the wild fish turnaround and that this will become evident to the Mayor and her staffers. There will, however remain the rabble-rousers who just want to kill steelhead, and a fish-in probably won't mean a thing to them.

    Letters of support to Mayor Reed will, in my opinion help. I have exchanged letters with Mayor Reed and found her to be very engaging and reasonable. She should have more letters from us, well-written, explaining that we do shop and generally spend our disposable income in her town when we visit. This will, in my opinion, help.

    What we do have is a hostile City Council to deal with and they seem to be coming from a totally different place than the Mayor. To this end I feel that our inroads would be better built with the Chamber of Commerce, people who put up their own money to open businesses and hire people to work. Don't ever think that the future of Forks economic base can be rebuilt on guide trips.

    Just my 2-cents.
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  19. Lafarge99

    Lafarge99 New Member

    I agree with Les. A "fish in" seems kind of "gimicky" to me. It is a grandstanding event that might serve to further alienate people rather than change their views on the moratorium.

    I think a better course is for everyone to keep going to the OP as before, and maybe add a few more trips. That's what I am doing. Instead of everyone spending some money in ONE weekend, spread it out over the course of the season. I think it is more effective to show that the moratorium might actually result in a sustained increase of revenue rather than result in a single big weekend. A big weekend might be nice for local commerce, but more money over a longer season is probably even better.

    In fact, to that end, some type of detailed "accounting" might make sense. It would be useful to create a database calculating actual dollars spent C&R fishing in the OP. Let every C&R angler going to Forks send in their trip accounting to some central database -- include everything, such as gas, food, lodging, tackle, guides, souvenirs, etc. Showing the real number (re how much we actually spend to catch wild steelhead) to the folks in Forks might convince a few more people of the benefits of healthy stocks of wild fish than a one-weekend event.

    Just my 2 cents.
  20. ChrisC

    ChrisC Member

    I think this is a good idea. Besides having a good excuse to get together, there's nothing wrong with demonstrating the economic value that fly fishers bring. Longer term, of course, if returns improve, the merchants should see the benefit of the rule change.