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  1. Can any one tell me about the Fort Lewis Pheasant release site? I read that you need to make reservations a day prior to gain access to hunt and also get your self registered prior to being able to hunt. How much a hassle is this going to be or is it pretty simple to get in? I've just moved down to the south end this year and have only hunted sites up north. Also is this site the same mad house as others on weekend mornings?
    I'm looking for a new place to get out and work the dog in between trips east.

  2. First to hunt on Ft Lewis you have to get your guns registered on post it usually takes 15 days to get your registration back from the provost marshal. Next thing is you have to go to the north west adventure center and watch the hunting/fishing safety video (about 20 min). Once that is complete you have to make reservations the day prior to hunt by calling the number to the NAC and reserver your spot on the release site. As for the hunting its is absolutely a mad house on the release sites everyone shooting in everyone elses direction makes it feel like combat in a way. But if thats your thing have fun I just wish that I hadent spent the money a few years ago to hunt the realease sites. (yes I said a few years ago hence I would never do it again)
  3. Sean,

    Thanks for the info. I usually hunt after 10:00 and avoid the early morning scramble and end up doing as well or better than at the 08:00 shooting range. As I read in there regulations they also make reservations from 1 till 4. Was there the same mad rush at this time as there was 1st thing in the morning?
  4. honestly I hae hunted the release sites on the weekdays some times and its fine as for the afternoons I dont know because I was soooo blown away by all of the disrespectful hunters that hunted in the moring I never wanted to return on the weekends.
  5. Unfortunately it’s not any different at other sites in the early morning opening. Shoot and then duck out of the way. That’s why I wait till after 10:00 to let the hunters thin out. I've even had an other hunter take a bird that my dog flushed out, and after confronting him and his buddy they still felt it was fair game.
    Any way it sounds like to much of a hassle at the Fort. 15 days to get registered and then orientation. I'll dive a few extra miles to my normal hunts up north unless any body else can give me some favorable opinion of this site.

  6. ill be honest the inital getting started hunting on post is the pain in the ass with the orientation and registration etc. as long as your guns are clean then its not a big deal. after that its no diffrent than anywhere else. Im in the service have been for about seven years now and do hunt on post ocassionally. Here at lewis the Duck is really good and the grouse is good if you know where to go. I dont mean to scare you away its just eh release sites that I cant stand. Growing up in CO all I ever hunted was wild birds and I very much enjoy hunting them over penraised birds like on the release sites, Its more of a challenge.

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