forth of july fishing anybody?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by troutpounder, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. I am just wondering if anyone wants to go Thursday morning and try and chase some early pinks Thursday morning. I do have a kayak if that helps. (Granted a small sot) let me know if you want to meet up!
  2. Just looked at the 2011 WDFW creel reports and, while not impossible, targeting Pinks on the Fourth looks like it would be an exercise in futility. For the week of July 11th in 2011 there were only 8 reported caught in all of Puget Sound. None on the week of the Fourth.
    Based on the creel reports it looks like a better bet would be to hit central Puget Sound for Coho. That week there were 61 reported Coho at Shilshole.
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  3. Take your kayak out for resident silvers, cutthroat, and maybe chinook this holiday weekend. Pinks will come to the south Sound in early August in catchable numbers.
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  4. Dennis and dime thanks for the advise!
  5. The above might be the best advice for wet siders that I've heard right now...

    The wind forecast for paddling and fly casting on my favorite local estuary is negatory for the duration. Looks too blown out and gusty in the afternoons to even bother, and the high tides are too late in the day now.
    Most of the O.P. rivers I want to fish are still running at full-tilt booogie. A few hours at a lake in the early morning might be an option.

    I usually don't even plan to fish this weekend, but look forward to staying home and getting home maintenance projects going, returning to the fishing after the holiday horde goes home, and the rivers drop some more.

    I might go fish along a rain shadow beach on the morning of the 4th, if I find myself up that way. Hit the last of the falling tide.
  6. The grey day was actually nice for fishing
    Did not do well on kings but found this guy in area 13
    He took a sparse and long pink over white tube clouser
    Full sink line for lots of current image.jpg

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