fortson hatchery fish

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    I was up at the annual "Meltdown" festival at the whitehorse amphitheater in Darrington, which is something that i do every year. Alot of friends of mine perform at the festival and it is alot of fun. I get there early in the week, before the festival starts, to help set up and whatnot. I had told a gentleman from maryland that was going to be in town for the week that I would show him a few spots and give him the nickel tour, so at 5am thursday I find myself scaling over the barbed wire fence to get out of the festival to go meet this cat.

    We met down at fortson, which was one of the few actual runs that I know of on that river. I figured we would start there and wing it the rest of the day. As we walk into the run we spot a few fish hanging out under the ropeswing there..mostly kings and a few bright red sockeye, but a couple steelies and some nice looking trout as well.

    I crossed the river to get a better angle on them. The water was real froggy right there, slow and really clear. After a few minutes I realized that this wasnt working, and started treading upriver to look for some more favorable water. I was hiking along, trying to find some fishy water and I sees this little dark green pool at the end of a little riffle. It wasn't a big pool by any means, but I says to meeself, "if I was a fish I would hang out right there"...Popped a little roll cast in there with my trusty single handed 8w. He hit it without hesitation and after setting the hook I yelled "fish on!" loud enough for God himself to hear.

    He breached several times, magnificent leaps out of the water that quite literally make your heart skip a beat. At one point he just holed up in the middle of the river like a big rock, and I couldn't budge him. He sat there for a couple of minutes before I was able to pry him loose, and then he went into this crazy barrel roll and I thought for sure it was over. Alas, I was able to get things under control and the rest is dinner.

    I brought it back to camp, parading it past the hordes of hippies and wackadoos just waking up from a long night's debauchery. All of the "oooh's" and "aaaah's" I got were even better than that time I took acid at a pink floyd show! bbq'd it up friday night for the troop of belly dancers that were set to take the stage later on. yeah, it was pretty awesome. Now, I want a wild one! (not to eat, for all you people that will take that statement as a cue to recite regs and ethics)

    for the record, I got him on a red and black hobo spey with a sink tip. This fish weighed in at just under 40 pounds, took 17 hours to land, and I had to fight off a black bear that tried to take it from me using only a pair of nail clippers ;)
  2. troutpounder

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    Congrats! NIce work!
  3. Charles Sullivan

    Charles Sullivan dreaming through the come down

    Nice job. Fresh fish for the show. Good on you.

    Go Sox,
  4. constructeur

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    Nice one man.
  5. Andrew Lawrence

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    Good to hear that you finally stuck one. Good job!
  6. Yard Sale

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    No way that fish is over 37#s! Congrats.
  7. Skeena88

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    Hope the belly dancers rewarded you appropriately....:))
  8. francis james hunnycut

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    you know troutpounder, I didn't realize it at the time, but it is the exact spot you put me in at fortson that time we met up. You definately had me in the zone! The river was quite a bit lower than when we were there though, so it really was a just dinky little hole, but there was a fish in it!
  9. francis james hunnycut

    francis james hunnycut Redneck Hippie

    well, my wife is one of them, so I do have that going for me.... :)
  10. bernie warzynak

    bernie warzynak Gotta love the Fire Hole

    You caught that on a zero weight, didn't you? LOL
  11. francis james hunnycut

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    damn straight I did! And might I add that I had a great time fishing with you Bernie, and would fish with you anytime.
  12. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish



    Congrats man, I know you were working hard for that fish.
  13. Bothellfisher

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    Good Job Francis, thats one awesome fish!
  14. ganglyangler

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    Time for another Bobo Photoshop thread! Nice job man!
  15. francis james hunnycut

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    Hey bernie, if you want to know why I asked you to take that crazy pic, check out the ultimate photoshop thread on the steelhead side of this site. You will laugh your ass off!
  16. jason.allen

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    Looks like an adipose fin to me in the shot next to the Rod...
  17. Yard Sale

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    Or a rock under the fish. Check the bobo pic.

    Only thing questionable going on there are the neeps in August!
  18. francis james hunnycut

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    Yeah, it was a wild fish that I thought I would post on here for the entire steelhead community to freak out on me. No adipose fin bro, that is a hatchery fish.
  19. francis james hunnycut

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    Yeah, I left my wet-wading stuff at home by accident. The neoprenes were great early in the morning, but by 10am I was kickin myself for forgetting that stuff. Water temp was 62 at noon
  20. francis james hunnycut

    francis james hunnycut Redneck Hippie

    So are you calling me a poacher or a moron? Either the fin is there or it isn't. It ain't rocket science.