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Discussion in 'New Features, Site News, Issues Info.' started by Mike Wilson, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Does anyone else have this issue? It just started doing this today. When the forum link did not work I started clicking on some of the other links and got an old post to display. From there I was able to get into the forum and then here to post this. I am going to pm Chris Scones to see if he is aware of the blip on the link for forum on the home page.
  2. Known about it since the work started last night. The link was fine. The board was messed up. Still is a bit, but it's functional again.
  3. Thanks Chris, you are the man. I just signed on and it appears to be working ok. Mike
  4. Chris,

    The forum link does not work with 'my' Firefox browser, no problems with IE or Safari.

  5. It's in your cache GT. If a Firefox reset doesn't do it you may need to clear out your offline content or ??
  6. Chis,

    Went to get on this am and again the link for the forum did not work, it sent me to a blank page. Had to go back door again. I would hate to get that as my new nick name. Is it something I am doing?
  7. Resolved. Simple fix but I didn't have a chance to pull away from work today until now.

    Josh, you will recognize this. Did the PHP upgrade but with it the index extension priority changed in php.ini I think. There was an index.htm in that directory that was basically blank, which you were seeing, being displayed instead of the index.php the board runs off of.
  8. Yup, works again. Some people may need to hold shift and click refresh to get the link to use the most recent (fixed) version.

    Just be glad you are dealing with vB instead of crappy Invision Power Board. That thing is a mess. The graphics guys broke all of the javascript on one forum recently and it took forever to sort it back out again.
  9. On the other hand, vB is slow as hell to bring new features to the table. But, haven't had one issue with it, beyond the server end items like this week to support it which doesn't count against vB.

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