Found a nice Silver way up yonder

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by James Harrington, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. James Harrington Member

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    Took a kayak out up North. Proved to be quite worthwhile.

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  2. Nick Clayton Active Member

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  3. Tony James Member

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    Holy smokes - fatty! Were you trolling or casting and stripping? congratulations - one of the nicest this year! I fish from a yak too - awesome way to hunt the water.:)
  4. mtskibum16 Active Member

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    Very nice fish! Well done!
  5. James Harrington Member

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    Tony, it was basically a combo cast/strip/troll for that particular fish. Saw fish jumping; launched the 'yak; got out 30-40 yards and threw a cast; stripped a bit to remove the slack; began to propel the boat forward, stripped again to remove some more slack, and while

    Hooked and landed multiple more fish. Some on the drag, some on cast and strip. Where I happened to be, they were totally keyed on sand lance and small ones 1.5"-2" max. Most casts resulted in either a hook up or the nerve wracking experience of watching 3-4 BIG silvers follow the fly to the yak. As far as dragging the fly behind the yak, I couldn't go more than 2 minutes without a strike.

    Straight cray.
  6. Tony James Member

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    Thanks for sharing - awesome day on the water!
  7. Jonathan Tachell Active Member

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    Nice work! Jealous that you were up there while I am stuck at work. Nice fish.
  8. Matthew Gulbranson Resident Swinger

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    That sounds like an amazing day on the water!!
  9. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    Now that's a Chubby ;)... good going.
  10. PfleugerPhister Active Member

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    That shit cray
  11. Puget Sound Pimp Banned or Parked

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    Nice belly on that fish
  12. vanvgj1 Yak fisher

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    Way to go! I was up north in my kayak Sunday - casting only....and saw a few nice sized fish jumping - but that one's an extra fatty - no hookups for me.