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Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Chris Reagan, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. I found someone's knife friday on the Snoqualmie. PM to I.D. and claim.
  2. I lost a knife when I was 13..... On the Dewatto... Do you think it's the same one? Mine was metal... ;)
  3. Pretty sure it's not the same one. This one's only got metal on the pointy part!
  4. :D hehehe.... MIne was used for cutting nails and the like...
  5. Still have it? I lost a folding lockblade knife in 2009 on a family trip, but sure exactly where. Would have been in a leather sheath. Buck style, nickel bolsters, rosewood handle. Do not remember brand name but much like the Buck style. May have been White Stag or Old Timer. It was a gift from my wife on our first anniversary. I carried it for years. Wish I could find it to pass on to my son now that he's in college.
  6. Sorry, thats not the knife I found.
  7. Benchmade:)
  8. Was it a silver foldable Gerber with a belt clip at the Exit 38 parking area by the Fire Training Center?
  9. Wrong knife, wrong spot.

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