Fourth Corner Fly Fishers May meeting

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  1. This month we welcome Ira Seibert to our club for a presentation about fishing stillwaters using "vertical presentation." Last month we had Tim Lockhart (Ford Fenders) talk about the techniques outlined in his new book. Tim's technique uses a sinking line stripping leech type patterns, so this program will offer a good contrasting technique. Both of these guys are great contributors to WFF and the should be an awesome program! Here is what Ira said about his program:

    Ira Siebert started gear fishing in lakes some 37 years ago for crappie, perch and bluegill – first out of Lake Kapowsin, but from there to lakes across Western Washington. One of his favorite techniques during those times involved hours of watching a bobber waiting for any twitch, the visual effects of a bobber was what he enjoyed most. However, after watching a fly fisherman work his talents on his favorite local river, he knew that it was only a matter of time before the fly rod became a more important tool in his arsenal. So, 25 years ago he purchased his first fly rod and used it to troll flies around his favorite opening day lakes. At the time, his vocabulary of flies included wooly worm and pink lady. As an educator and life-long learner though, it didn't take him long to understand that through study, questioning, questioning, questioning, multiple days of "research" and questioning, that he could vastly improve his understanding of the sport.

    He never forgot his love of the "bobber" though, so for the last 12 years he has focused most of his time and effort on fishing different zones of lakes using vertical presentations with an "indicator.” At first this technique applied only to fishing chironomids, but over the last several years he's also experimented with, modified and mastered using other common flies under an indicator with great success. His presentation will focus on fishing these zones with both chironomids and other flies using an indicator vertical presentation. He will provide information about where, when and how to use different flies as well as sharing some of his favorite patterns.

    Our meeting is at Bellingham Golf and Country Club. Date is May 23, with the wet fly hour starting at 6, with dinner and the program following. Guests are welcome to attend. Please respond to by May 21. I hope to see some new faces at the meeting! Rick Todd
  2. I will have extra indicators! Need to do everything I can to increase the ranks of the indicator army. I think Nick Clayton figured out my plan the best when he said I wouldn't be satisfied until every square inch of the lakes I fish are covered with indicators, heck as it is, do you know how hard it is to watch mine and the indicators of every other fisherman within a 50 yard radius of me? I can't help it, in fact I'm fairly certain my heart beats faster and I squeal a bit louder when someone else's indicator dips versus mine. If I invite you over to fish next to me, I give you a winning fly and I help set you up, it is for obviously selfish reasons. I have a disease, anyone want to join me?

    I look forward to meeting as many of you from here as I can there.
  3. I "heart" indicators.
  4. Looking forward to this talk Ira! I will be deep into indicators starting Thursday over at Big Twin and some other lakes in the area! Rick
  5. I would like to add that the 4th corner fly dudes are some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. Me and my lady went last month and had an amazing time. If the schedule works for us we will be attending again.
  6. Camo Clad,
    It was great meeting you and your girlfriend. Thank you for the kind words about our club members.
  7. And to think this obsession all started with one indicator!
  8. I'd like to contact Ira Siebert about a couple patterns he mentioned to me in a private convo, but I do not have contact info. Help?
  10. Do you know the private message function on this site? Click on Ira's avatar and you will see "Start a Conversation" and from there you can ask him your question. Hope that helps, but he may see this thread anyway and respond to it. Rick
  11. He found me.
  12. That's too bad......


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