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    cant find anything on the search here but has anyone tried putting a frame on the assault XXX?
    Was thinking it would make a great platform and I am not a big fan of the built in oar systems and thought this might be a good way around this.
    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Thanks Shawn
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    I don't know about the Assault XXX but we did a frame for a guy on his Outlaw Avenger. One thing we noticed about working on the Scadden inflatables is how light they are compared to what we normally use. I'm sure that is partly due to the smaller pontoon diameter but the material seems much lighter too. I'm sure that would be a big advantage for some (e.g., elderly) who prefer less weight over durability. I talked my kids into helping me at Rattlesnake. We didn't take it out on the lake because of the engine restrictions.

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    Very nice, BDD
  6. Blue

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    Pretty slick.
  7. BDD

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    I'd like to take more credit but I can't as you might as well ask me to turn lead into gold than to make something like that.

    The cool thing about this frame design on the Scadden boat is the rower module can be reversed when using a motor in a lake or using oars in the river.
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    The frame on the X5 can also be made to do that with just adding a seat lift. Fins are no longer an option?
    Why does being light mean it is not strong? I will admit I am elderly and female so it is a big selling plus.

    Back to topic,
    That NRS Modular idea is off the charts! I like the standing bar too, plus you can still sit and kick.
    And you can put it all in a small vehicle.
    I might look into that for my Assault.
  9. BDD

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    Fins are still an option but based on the size of boat (13') and the owner's application, he was not going to be using them.

    I'm not sure I said being light is not strong. However, all things being equal, common sense would dictate that if you have two pieces of PVC, one being thicker than the other, it would be heavier and more durable. That is not saying one is better than the other, just different. While you described yourself, I had the impression that a lighter boat would be better for your personal needs. Someone else on the other hand, may prefer something more durable but heavier in weight.
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    True enough, and I just use mine for fishing, not big white water runs.;) I throw my boat in my car or truck and head to the lake or even a river or two. During the cooler months, my Scaddens are left in the truck for that quick trip. That is why that NRS frame is attractive.
    No sweat BDD. I took the durability as strength. New technology offers both strong/durable and light is all. That is a cool frame. Thanks for sharing it.