Freaking polyleaders..

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by golfman65, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I love um and hate um...

    Mainly I use delta tips..they are tough and last...Rio's are excellent as well...

    Then summer rolls around and I want to fish a steelhead scandi or put the floating tip on my nextcast..
    I throw on a it...then it snaps on the water and your screwed trying to tie on tippet..

    You know these things aren't cheap anymore but damn'd think there would be someone who has figured out that short shot of mono is going to eventually snap...(like within a week or two of normal fishing)

    Yes I should have tied a loop instead of straight on...but I don't like loops on floating or clear intermedite lines...

    I don't know, back to my hand tied leaders I guess...fed up with these suckers...
  2. When I buy or sell them the first thing I do is bloodknot on a two foot tippet for my flies.

  3. As Leland says.
  4. Nothing wrong with hand tied mono leaders big dog
  5. been using the same airflo poly leader for two years.. I hate loops too but I am too lazy to hate them that much
  6. After using a poly leaders for the past couple seasons, I decided to go back to my own hand tied leaders. As far as my own preferences are concerned, I kind of feel like a simple monofilament leader offers more versatility with less hassle. But to each their own.
  7. What's there to hate about loops?
  8. Yeah I do that as well Leland...then I snapped it at the blood knot and didn't have any mono to retie..I can strip off some more coating and re tie but on the river I don't have the patience..

    Yeah Dave, nothing wrong with my old leaders...just getting lazy I guess..
  9. Just Albright knot a section of 20 to 30# mono to the coated poly line. Stream side or on the water can be done very quick and easily.

  10. At one time I had floating, intermediate, and hover poly leaders. Never could figure out, or notice any difference between int & hover. Pain in the butt having to change leaders when switching from skaters to wets. Plus ruined a floating poly by fishing a riffle hitched skater. For me, a good hand tied mono leader will turn over any thing and is much more versatile. Carry a couple spools of tippet material & learn to tie blood knots stream side.
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  11. That's what I do and have done speyfisher....Just got lazy and thought I'd try the damn polys again..Funny thing is I like you couldn't tell any difference between the floating and intermediate ones..

    I for some reason try this every year...I convince myself that there are advantages to using them, try um, like um in the beginning and then end up having problems and get pissed off...(floating and clear intermediate ones)
    I haven't fished the sinking ones at all so have no experience with them...Can't judge them...but I'll be going back to my hand tied leaders again for everything else..
  12. I kind of got tired of having too much stuff on me and trying to make everything just perfect and went to 12' of strait mono when swinging with floating lines for steel.
  13. ? level mono on what type of line? i'vve never had issues after blood knotting 10 or 12 # maxima, then lighter tippet to rio versileaders.never beak off my maxima mid section.
  14. I have just been looping on 12' straight #14 mono ( because its what I have) on the front loop of my floater (floating tip on skagit, or Rage or GPS)- 4 feet on the end of a floating poly would be better but the 12' strait mono works ok.

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