Fred's Foxy Jig Minnow

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  1. Fred at the Great Falls Shop ties his Foxy Jig Minnow. This Clouser-style, jig pattern utilizes arctic fox fur, a bit of flash, and some UV materials which are great for triggering fish. When tied at the end of a floating line, the eyes allow for convincing movement in the water column.

    • Daiichi 4660 90˚ Jig Hook - Size 4
    • Spirit River Real Eyes Plus - Size 3/16"
    • UTC 140 Ultra Thread - Olive
    • UV Krystal Flash - Pearl
    • UV Large Eye Guinea Feather - Chartreuse
    • Arctic Fox Body - Olive
    • UV Ice Dub - Red
  2. This is a nice tie and one that I plan to explore.
  3. Yah, love that song too.

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