Free Chironomid Clinic Friday/Saturday March 25th and 26th

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Irafly, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Well ladies and gents...The Tug boat Gods are smiling down upon me!!! Got up for my 0400-0800 watch and surprisingly my Capt was up!! Thought it was his tooth continuing to bother him but SURPRISE!!! Our orders got changed from a load of Diesel to Dutch Harbor and then a load to Anch to reverse that so I will get off in Valdez The 23rd instead of ANC the 26th...I will be be at this event with BELLS ON!!! SOOOOOO excited, thanks Ira, look forward to meeting everyone as this is my first event since joining WFF!! X's on the calendar baby!!!


    Btw, a cosmic Kudos to my most EXCELLENT Japanese wife(all family and friends safe but one lost home of more than 60 yrs...)who had NO issues with my attendance a 100 miles away after a 40+ day absence...What do ya think, Wife of the YEAR???
  2. Irafly Active Member

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    Yeah, wife of the year but as I heard it you also made a compromise of your own, so you aint so bad yourself.

    Look forward to meeting everyone soon.

    I should be looking at the place closer this week, and then I'll really drill everyone with the specifics.

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    Hey guys, I am a Newbie to stillwater fishing and Chironomids too. I'd love to attend the clinic, but unfortunately I told my boss that I'd work that weekend. If anything comes up again on the topic I'd be interested. A little about me, just moved up here from Oregon. I'm used to fishing small rivers and spring creeks. I've heard about a lot of lakes and saltwater fishing opportunities up here, but haven't done a lot of fishing for the last few months. Went out to Pass yesterday and of course didn't do well, but it felt great to kick around in the tube for a while and warm up the arm. Met a few guys out there who directed me to this site, so i thought i would just chime in and say hi. Nice bunch of guys out there this weekend all fishing Chironos and a few stripping leeches. However, neither of those worked for me, probably cause i wasn't doing something right. Using floating line part of the day with 12' leader then switch to full sink and tried quick stripping some leeches. Worked both edges of the lake near the launch and saw the pack anchored near the point, but didn't have any Chironos to offer so i'd like to learn more about them. lots of reading on this site. Hope to be out there some more this spring. would love any advice you could offer a Newbie.
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    why dont you come on Friday and at least tye some and talk? Should be great!
  5. willburrrr2003 Member

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    Ira, could you post directions to this great event?
  6. Loren Jensen Active Member

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    I'm in, probably riding down with CCW. Gotta get some materials.
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    I am with wilbur. I need directions and what the final plan on chairs and stuff was. I know beer is in and wasnt sure about food if we are gonna potluck it or what. Thanks again for doing this ira...
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    I'm looking forward to this event. I'm sure the location details will be handled. I was wondering about a place to plug in a light - maybe that's getting nit picky, but my old eyes like a light. I would be glad to bring an extension cord with a splitter for other lights. Also, are there a suggusted list of materials to bring.
    Thanks - Jay