Free Helios 8wt rods

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by miyawaki, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Free Helios 8wt rods = spam
    Pics of giant bone fish with logo = XXX fish porn
    Does any one really give a $--t
    Talk is cheap.
  2. Charles Craumer chuckngear

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    get over it boys, too much bitching not enough fishing. damn diggin up the forum rules guys...get over it. ibn has it
  3. salt dog card shark

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    I seem to pay more attention to the Salt sub-forum than any of the others, and normally the postings are all informative, contain nothing but genuine questions of interest, good humor or encouragement.

    To my recollection this is the first time I've ever seen any of the bitch'in on it that you tend to see on the general fishing forum. Ibn, thanks for closing the door on that. :thumb:
  4. Jeff Hale B.I.G.F.F.

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    yeah, what Saltdog said.
  5. Jmills81 The Dude Abides

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    So freaking what.....great deal posted buy a site sponsor. And in response to over commercializing.....whoever said that should have the joy of paying Chris's site management and server fees. And oh yeah, commercials and site sponsors PAY for this site to exist. While I am sure Mr Scoones and the team do a LOT of this work without being payed, I don't think this forum would exist in the current state unless some good businesses helped underwrite the site

    Thanks IBN for regulating.....jesus there is sooooo much more in this world to get pissy about
  6. EasyE Member

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    My god, isn't there more important stuff to get worked up about? Sounds like a great deal offered by a site sponsor. No problem in my book. Wish I could make the trip.
  7. halibut Banned or Parked

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    Good luck since you have been banned!
  8. halibut Banned or Parked

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    There have been Orvis products that are real dogs, but have you tried the helios? I havent but want to, I think it might be in the z axis/ zxl league.
  9. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    It isn't all that uncommon that the sponsors put a post up outside of the classifieds or events forum area where it's absolutely supported. Usually I'm on it fairly quickly to move it over but other times like now when I'm focused on work you may see it before it gets moved. That doesn't mean it's time for, or appropriate to, ratchet up some sort of attitude. Especially in this case. Instead, if you think we (the moderators and I) need a heads up on post that seams against the grain look for the icon link [IMG] in the upper right of the post.


    Chris Scoones