Free Orvis Seminar on Speylines

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  1. On Saturday, April 11 at 1:00PM, the Orvis store will present a free seminar
    entitled, "Demystifying Spey Lines."

    Brian Chou will be here to make heads and tails of which long belly, mid-spey, short belly, Scando, and Skagit line goes on which switch, spey, traditional or American style rod. Get in early on this one because if you’re gonna be a speyfisher, you gotta start here.

    Orvis Bellevue
    10223 NE 10th St.
    (425) 452-9138
  2. A reminder that Brian Chou, our own "K2Flyfisher" will be here next Saturday at 1:00PM.

    Also, the following week, we will present at 1:00PM - "Fishing the Hancock Tree Farm and Beyond" with our own Kent Lufkin who will talk about wild trout, wilderness and solitude that lie behind the locked gates that line the county road along the North Fork of the Snoqualmie. Located 25 miles east of Seattle, Kent Lufkin has spent much of the past decade fishing the 150 square mile tree farm's rivers, lakes and ponds, the adjoining Alpine Lakes Wilderness, and the Snoqualmie forks. He'll tell you what it takes to get in to and beyond the farm, what kind of fish you'll find there, and most importantly, what it takes to catch them.

    Orvis Bellevue
    10223 NE 10th ST
    (425) 452-9138
  3. A shameless bump.

  4. Don't forget that Brian Chou will be here today at 1pm to, "Demystify Spey Lines." Any questions on directions or anything else call me at the shop.

    Ross Johnson
    Bellevue Orvis

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