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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by SOPoker, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. I am looking to up my spey game, and that means practice in a variety of rivers near and far. The only problem is that I have a limited selection of equipments. So help a fellow out, I am asking for everyone to consider giving me free gear. Although I will take just about anything I don't really want a bunch of junk.

    Rods: I would really like to start fishing with those Boron IIMX rods so that would be a bonus if someone wanted to give me one of those, other rods I would be excited to receive, A Sage 7126 would sweet but even the 7136 would do the trick, A Scott L2H 1308 and/or a 1256 would be awesome also.

    Reels: I have fished with Ross but I think it would be pretty cool to try out a Tibor Spey or even a Nautilus CCF - Really looking for good sizes to match to 6wgt, 7wgt and 8wgt rods.

    Completes: Look if you are going to give me a rod and a reel I can't be asking much more. I would love to hear what you have. If you will throw in the backing, Line and some heads I will even drive out to pick everything up!!!

    Other Things I want: Drift Boats, I saw a clack listed here that I would take for free if that works out, I have a nice whitewater raft but I would take another one as a back up, maybe a couple more Vises and any good materials you have laying around. I am not trying to make this a giant LONG post, but I would love to get my hands on some free Jungle Cock too.

    So I guess just shoot me a PM or reply and I will see what I can do to take things off your hands. My wife bakes sweets that are to die for and my neighbor has a huge Golden retriever that just had a litter of puppies so maybe some milk and cookies would fit the bill. I haven't really even asked if I can milk his dog but I am sure it won't be a problem she is pretty docile about stuff.

    I know Christmas is coming up but don't think this is some seasonal offer either, I will take your stuff all year round... Oh and I am not like some jerk demanding that you give more things to those that have little, I leave that to Uncle Sam, I am just a polite fisherman asking the community for help. I will leave it too you to decide what the right thing to do is.
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  2. HAHAHAHAAAA Tis the season I guess
  3. I'll buy you all the spey gear, drift boat once I claim my winning powerball ticket...
  4. Dang, I have a pile of free Ross Momentums kicking around, but no Tibors.
  5. Get real! No... not reel... REAL!
  6. Very funny post
  7. based on your screen name location I will send a file and some fake ID cards to enable your escape.
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  8. We have people in Colorado much like you. We call them Democrats.
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  9. If we are putting up wishlists. I'd love an old brownie sage 9140 3 piece they want to give me I'm a willing recipient. :)
  10. We tried that years ago Jerry . . . what ever happened to that old brownie 9140-3 I sold ya??:D
  11. You mean that 10 or 11wt. don't you?...just trying to start an argument. I'll post my list of what Santa should bring on the Santa page.
  12. Man.....Yall sure do things different out west. Here in the east, we just wait for the government faries to give us everything!!
  13. Before I get all crazy, matthew, thanks for the PM I will take both of those momentums even though you don't want the cookies n milt. And since you offered to cover the postage, well the next time I am up in BC holding a cold kokanee I am going to offer a toast in your name.

    Now excuse me whilst I digress

    1. Did you all not read my post, this is no Christmas wish list, these are things I was hoping everyone here would chip in to give me, before or after Christmas.

    2. Jerry make your own thread, clearly you were not around in the u.s.s.r. because that is how fights broke out in the bread lines. I will help you get people's stuff after I am done getting mine, which could be a while.

    3. I am a corrections officer not an inmate. So I don't need all the fake ids. Luckily I work close to a few nice cricks to dangle my stick in. I was going to say becareful about the broadcasting illegal activity like that, but I will shoot you a pm to keep it on the low down.
  14. Dude I'm in the same boat. Will someone please give me a BIIX 8'6" 3wt or an SPL 383? I really need it, especially this time of year.
  15. I think an electric downrigger is in order.

    But the original post and response is entertaining.
  16. Funny you mention that. I'm in the "market" for a free electric downrigger to go on my new boat (that I got for free no less). Please advise.
  17. Evan, I was thinking this morning, that since I am not wrangling in quite as many freebies as I thought I would, maybe we could make a trade that is overtly in my favor. I was looking through my very limited collection of gear and I found about 10 ft. of 12lb maxima that I would trade for your new boat as long as a trailer comes with it.
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  18. Thread summary: Corrections officer needs Jungle Cock on the Down Low ASAP
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