FS Free Spey Gear - Rods, Reels, Lines etc...

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  1. I sold it to a guy on "first buy back" when I was cut off from my disibility pay by the L&I company. Got back to work and it was sold out from under me. :(
  2. Actually, when I was an exchange student in Germany, I spent time in Russian occupied East Germany under diplomat status, so know what a bread line looks like. You never would see a fight break out, because they'd come and take you away and never get seen from again.;)

    Second, I'm a moderator who can kill this post and ban your IP from the website. So if I want to jump on this thread I think I will. ;) LOL (that was a joke, maybe......)
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  3. mmmm:eek:
  4. Sorry, i had a drift boat. It wasnt up to my standards, so I floated half way to the mouth of the GR, drilled a hole in the bottom and scuttled it. If i had known you were in the market I would have given it to you. I scrapped the trailer and gave the $ to a little girl selling matches. Same for the fly gear, I left it all in the boat as all i do now Tenkara fish, and Dap for steelhead using beads. Man, you should have posted earlier.
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  5. It is December try writing to Santa!!!!!
  6. Oh man, this is amazing. I don't think I have enough popcorn in my house for this thread and the one about Heavi-Beads.
    Excuse me while I run to Costco to get a flat of Orville...
  7. If nothing else, this thread is enjoyable. Look at all the responses. I hope he finds what he's looking for. If I fished that type of fishing and had extra gear, I would send it just for the post.
  8. So with many thanks to those generous folks, I have managed to score 1 free beulah rod, 3 lbs of hevi beads and 2 almost new reels. Since I only need one, I am going to offer a trade: the free reel I got for a drift boat. I am really sick and tired of blowing up my 14 foot raft by mouth, it takes about 8 hours to do, so I have to show up the day before I want to fish and start huffing and puffing away. My doctor pretty much assured me that almost all of the hemorrhoids I got over the last year were from straining and grunting to get those tubes up to pressure. So if anyone is interested in the trade let me know. Oh and also remember I will be around during all of 2013 to continue taking any of your quality gear. After christmas I am fairly sure that alot of folks with get gifts they don't want and I will take those too as long as they are valuable.

    @David: Dude talk about a small world, the little girl you gave that money too was actually my 3rd niece. Her father and I just painted sticks to look like matches, they would not even light. When she got home that night we took the money and bought scuba gear so we could try and recover peoples lost Hevi Beads. Where exactly did you sink that drift boat because we might be able to salvage some of that stuff.... Oh and if you run into my niece again Don't Buy her Girl Scout Cookies.... The Peanutbutter Patties are another one of my distant cousins sick jokes gone wrong, I won't even discuss it because that would certainly get me banned...

    @sopflyfisher: Wow looks like a fellow OP brother, Fancy that. I will bounce you a PM and will take all the CLAs. Great working mans reel, although I was hoping for more of the glitzy fancy stuff, I can always use those to trade for better things. If you ever get busted and end up here in the corrections center I will help you out too, there is a giant dude that got busted for gill netting on the MoClips river last year and he basically owns cell block 8. His cellies call him Geronimo, and he is know for snagging youngsters out in the yard. He calls it dredging out the brats with his sink tip, nasty stuff, but I can keep you clear of him.

    Oh and @ Jerry... funny stuff, but remember this thread is all about me, please bring some of that spetsnaz skill to your giving game, and kick me down some of your gear preferably not from the Brezhnev era, I am really aiming for cutting edge donations.
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  9. I've got a paper clip and four rubber bands. Will that get me your spare reel?
  10. Only if you plan on trading up to a Porsche (I know you can do it).
  11. ... but most of them are actually Tea Party folks ....
  12. There once was a guy who started out bartering I think with a rubber band and a paper clip and had worked his way up to something astronomical such as a condo for a week. I followed him on the internet for along timee and finally he fell of the end of the earth
  13. I've got a drifter you can have. It's a green and white clackacraft parked in front of their shop. I hit a rock last week but they repaired it so it should look brand new.

    Somebody stole the trailer hitch off my truck last week and I can't afford a new one. Love to just see the boat on the water, if you happen to float down from Barton and see a guy wet wading in jeans after you pick the boat up stop and say hello.
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  14. i will offer up all the thingamawhatthefucks i gathered in back eddies
    last year, but i'll have to send them postage due. i have to have some bribe money left for my p.o. cuz i'm gonna get caught with some hookers this weekend. thats all i seem to pick up when i'm swingin.

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