Free Summer Seminars at Orvis

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    Here's my program for the next few months. Hope you guys can take advantage of these!


    May 22 – Bassin’ Seminar by Mike Ainsworth
    Looking for something new? Tired of turning on the Versus channel and seeing only the “bubbas” catching big bass? Well, this school is for you. Mike Ainsworth has been fly fishing for largemouth bass in our local lakes for a number of years now and will pass on what he knows. And the best part is that it’s on our side of the state, in fact, most lakes are in our backyard!

    July 10 - Searun Cutthroat on the Beach by Leland Miyawaki
    Fishing from the beach for wild coastal cutthroat trout is “the most fun you can have on the beach with your clothes on.” Leland will talk about beaches, tides, flies, seasons, equipment, methods, and anything else it takes to fish these wild and wily creatures!

    Aug. 7 - Salmon on Poppers by Leland Miyawaki
    If you've been catching salmon on the "dark side" and are looking for something different, this seminar is for you. Leland will show you what you've been missing. You'll learn which tides to fish, as well as how to tie and fish his famous “Miyawaki Beach Popper.”

    June 10 - Summer Steelhead Roundtable
    This is a great learning format for experienced and newbie alike. We’ll all sit around a table and pass around flies, trade stories, hints, tips, lines, leaders, techniques, and maybe even share a few secrets. We’ll meet at 6:30PM at the shop.

    June - Sept. – Wednesday Evening Free Casting Lessons
    Once again, we’ll be at the Downtown Bellevue Park from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. You must call 425-452-9138, or email to register. We will provide rods if you do not have. Space is limited.

    June 5 - Entomology for Fly Fishers - Preston Singletary
    Preston will provide the necessary links between bugs and flies both beginning and advanced fly fishers. If you fly fish and want to know what you’re fishing with, this seminar is for you.
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    Thanks Leland. What time are the May 22, July 10, Aug 7, and June 5th seminars?
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    They are all at 1:00PM