Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. nothing is going to work for all... set a date and stick to it...
    as you can see, i am good for any date. :)
  2. OK Mumbles, set the date before people whine too much. Ha. Be decisive! Set it and it's a done deal. :D
  3. Who the hell elected you guys in charge? Okay the freaking date is Friday the 15th of May. The time is 6pm. The location is Voodies on Front Street in Poulsbo. If anyone need directions just send a PM to D3Smartie. If he's not available then you can PM me. If you are taking a ferry to Kingston expect a 20 minute drive from the ferry dock. If you are taking a ferry to Bainbridge Island you can expect a 15 minute drive. Drink responsibly please. See you all that Friday. Anyone not able to make it must contact me in advance so you can come and meet me face to face and hand over your ties. After we all meet I'll arrange a second meeting to get you the good stuff.

    By the way, the service at Voodiez is great, plenty of room. You can bring your travel tying kit too. If you are travelling with young ones they are welcome there until about 8 or 8:30 and the bar severs some very nice table fare too.

    Let the bitching be silenced. I told you to get to tying.
  4. anyone who brings a car across on a friday night is insane...
    SO, i will offer to pick anyone who wants to walk on at the B.I. ferry dock off the 4:40 ferry from Seattle. Likely dropping you back off at the 8:10 or 8:55 ferry...
  5. oh and Friday is a horrible choice... continue the bitching ;)
  6. If you have to spend your Friday nite with your "honey" then you don't fish enough or you haven't been married long enough...... :rofl: :D
  7. Well stated Larry! David, great offer on the ferry shuttle services. Who do we have coming from that side anyway? Matt Smith, Dinker, Ben? If there are more than David can transport I might extend the same offer. I recommend that you guys let us know so we can plan.
  8. I'll have to look at my schedule, but I might take you up on the shuttle offer. If I'm driving from down south I might just drive there. I will let you know soon.
  9. I was going to make the same offer, PM me if you need a ride.
  10. 100% chance of me showing up on the 13th.
    0% chance of showing on the 15th.

    It is what it is. You can't make everyone happy, if you could, we'd have whirled peas.
  11. If anyone is able to pick-up/drop off in Kingston, that would be great, if not, then I can do Bainbridge. Either way, a ride would be much appreciated.
  12. I fish all the time, will be at the swap, and have only been married for six months...Guess I got me a keeper!
  13. Michaels, think about when you might be able to meet up with me before and again after the 15th. Sorry that Friday is a bad day for you to greet the gang. Some of the characters in this swap are certainly worth meeting.
  14. Friday the 15th should be good with me. I'll know more after this weekend.
  15. may 15 works

    here are mine
    this is my first swap
    this was fun
  16. Great work kelvin...see that gang, kelvin is done. I have tied three conehead tube baitfish so far. I think they will fish nice, but I'm not nearly done like kelvin.
  17. Yah, except I still need to epoxy 11 sets of eyes
    that may take me until MAY 14TH......

    I guess I got on a roll
  18. hell, i havent even looked to see how many we are tying or what i am supposed to tie... this just sounded like a good idea. maybe i should read the first page :)
  19. Wow Kelvin, could you tie my share as well. :clown: I think you just broke the fly swap speed record! Since this is your first one, let me give you some advise. Next time PROCRASTINATE! fiddle around for the month or so, tie one or two. Then at the last minute tie them all and post that they are going to be late. You'll do better next time I'm sure. :clown:

    Good work I can't wait to fish them!

    Now i have to figure out what the hell I'm gonna do. Ed gimme some ideas tomorrow. :beer2:
  20. I'm thinking you guys might be stuck with some genuine Popsicle Sticks and some Calibaetis Emergers for you lake fisherman... although I haven't fully decided. At least I know they catch fish! Or are you looking for some fancy shit? :D

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