Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Matt, you are not seriously thinking you are coming all the way over here to fish expecting that I've got anything to teach you are you? You had better rethink that plan. By the time I arrive, well after you as we've discussed, you had better have it figured out or there will be some really funny stuff to post tomorrow night.

    Larry, fly swaps organized by guys like me are done in the attempt to meet folks and catch fish. Keep your ultra fancy non fish catching patterns for the best in show contests. Tie us up some fish catching bugs please.
  2. I don't know Mumbles, if memory serves me right Larry has posted about some epic days using his "popsicle" and I for one will be happy to take yours if you don't want it.

  3. Easy there Rob! Larry was speaking humbly of his popsicle fly as if it were not fancy or something. I'm looking forward to that fly very much.

    Decided what you are tying?
  4. Heads up. There is nothing fancy about the "Popsicle Stick", however, if you play with the pattern yourselves, add some eyes, or fancy dubbing you could probably improve it. I don't have time at the moment.....going fishing! I'm going to tie it on Size 4 for the up and coming larger coho, but I was using 8's and 6's on the smaller resident coho and cutts this winter. So don't be disappointed guys... If you DON'T catch coho on this, then I will give you a fly fishing lesson.
  5. Sweet Larry, I might take you up on the offer of a fly fishing lesson!! Especially casting! Mine single handed casts lately have been atrocious!!:eek: I have tied up versions of your popsicle, but honestly haven't fished them much. I found a nice streamer pattern that the SRC loved last year...I will be tying it up for ya'll. Haven't decided on what the second one will be yet. Maybe just and EHC, as I think I've caught more trout on that than anything else. But still not sure yet. Since I am fairly new to the flyfishing thing I don't have many go-to patterns.
  6. Just wondering if you guys may be interested in some spey-style flies for summer-run steelhead? They are proven, just not by me!
  7. I'm still working on tying the flies for my upcoming dry-side excursion. Have yet to decide what to tie for this swap. I had Skip Morris show me some patterns the other day - I will probably tie one of those for trout. No idea about the salt yet.
  8. I'm envious of your upcoming trip Eastward. Tie you weapons well for that location, you'll have ample time to whip some nice flies out for this swap when you get back...after posting a killer report of course.
  9. Friday May 15th 6pm be here:

    Voodiez Bar &

    18932 Front St NE
    Poulsbo, WA 98370
    (360) 779-6636

    How is the progress all? Any teaser photos? Patterns planned?
  10. my progress report...

    i still havent looked at the front page to see what i need to tie... :)
  11. fresh water pattern and one salt water pattern. Pretty simple for all that crap I typed in the first post of the thread.
  12. My progress flies tied.

    But I did finally decide what I'm going to tie.
    -krystal flash baitfish
    -Skykomish sunrise...a "classic" proven fly, but I've never fished it (I will now though :D).

    I wanted to tie up some pick'yer pockets because I had some success (a couple LDR's) with it on the N. Santiam last summer, but I couldn't find the exact material list. Also, I'm not exactly sure how to tie it, but I assume it is similar to the intruder.

    Guess I'll start tying, now that the hard part is over ;)
  13. Thanks for the updates. I'm still working on my baitfish patterns.
  14. send some pictures if you got 'em
  15. Here is a prototype of the skykomish sunrise. The hackle is a little long, but I'll be tying them on a size 4 hook instead of a size 6 like this one.
  16. I will chime in too. I also have not tied a damn thing. But here is what you're gonna get.

    For the salt, Thorne River Emerger and fresh will be the "Magic Chiro" I'm gonna try to get at least two per person, if I get real motivated I will tie them in different colors but don't hold your breath.

  17. John
    nice fly
  18. I'm done! After a couple of marathon days of tying, I'm done. Hope you like them. I think they look pretty good, I'll post some pics later. The camera battery is dead.
  19. here's the pics. Thorne river emerger and a green magic chiro, Im alsomaking a brown one as a bonus fly.
  20. Before I whip up a bunch of these for the swap, just wanted some feedback. What do you guys think?

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