Fresh and Salt Face to Face Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Ed Call, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Wow, maybe I should tie up a few more bonuses to be worthy of that fly, very nice!
  2. If this were a contest I'd be so far behind. Since I get to fish that fly I'm smiling big. Any further questions?
  3. Sweet, Dudes! So I guess that'll be my freshwater, still undecided for the salt, though. Hopefully I can come up with something that you guys will be equally stoked on.
  4. Ben, nice fly!! I am going to use that one on some summer steel!! Sweet!
  5. nice Ben
  6. no post in days....
    you guys are either tying your assses off,pretending you never said you would do this, commenting on weather a 24 inch SCR is s hog or not, or busy casting to rises given the awesome weather and bloom of chum fry

    look forward to meeting all of you and fishing your master pieces

    I am off to catch a fly on both flies so I can swear they work .....
  7. Kelvin, I wish I could claim that I was doing one or some of the above. I have made some progress at the bench but that is about it. One week to go, Kelvin is done how is everyone else doing?

  8. Mumbles, may want to check your calander (or your math skills) - the 15th is 2 weeks away (and from my current rate of tying I'll need every minute of it)
  9. Done with my freshwater (spey's) but still undecided for the salt pattern. Once I settle in to the new house, I'll sit down and figure it out. I'll keep you posted. Also any requests would be helpful.
  10. So right, sorry. I've had a long week. I'm still tying a few each night so I'll be ready. Everyone else doing okay?
  11. I finally sat down at the desk and got both my sets finished.
  12. Sean, very nice. It will be lights out for some fish in the near future.
  13. Sean, those look killer. Can't wait to fish them! Great work.
  14. With a hopper like that I will have to go to the Yak!

    Mine are done. I won't be able to make the face to face so Ed, I will mail them or we can meet up to fish sometime.
  15. Any chance you have this Friday off? I have the day off to fish and our first talent show in the evening. Otherwise let me know what you have in mind. Remember, I'm anti-US Postal.
  16. Nice looking flies Sean!! I have finished my salt pattern. A baitfish pattern that I did well last summer on with SRC's, especially on sunny days. But still undecided on the freshwater. I was thinking about doing a EHC, but now am thinking about a bunny leech for steel. Any thoughts on what you gentlemen prefer?
  17. i am going to tie a skunk or other hairwing summer steelhead fly for my freshwater fly. And likely a clouser w/ stinger for my salt pattern...
  18. Sean nice work!
  19. Well, I haven't even picked patterns yet (do I win something for being slow?)
  20. You win the challenge of getting your plan, pattern and flies together in the least amount of time?

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